Every business has different needs, so following the footsteps of traditional enterprises is a surefire way to doom your startup before it even gets there. Considering we are living in a highly digital world, it would make sense for your startup marketing agency to use digital marketing strategies as a way to securely establish an online presence. This also means you’d need more flexible solutions that would thrust your startup marketing agency into the limelight. 

Here, you will read all about the reasons why Python is essential for your startup marketing agency so it can thrive digitally. 

What Python Can Do For Your Startup Marketing Agency


Python is considered one of the most easy-to-use programming languages. In contrast to other programming languages like C or Java, Python uses a simple and clear syntax and the way it is written resembles the English language. You might even be able to make out a few words such as “if” or “return”. This makes it uncomplicated enough even for programming beginners to understand. If your startup marketing agency already has its in-house tech guys, they could easily learn it, if they’re not already using it. 

Requires a Small Team

Given that Python is so easy to use, it makes sense that only a handful of people are needed to get the job done. If you’d like to establish your marketing agency’s online platform from the ground up, then you would benefit from hiring python engineers for your business. You don’t need a lot of programmers, just a small team would do. It’s a bit of an investment now, yes, but doing so would mean you get to design your website or application the way you want it instead of making do with a ready-to-use management system. Not that there’s anything wrong with it but if you want a lot more free reign over your platform’s functions and aesthetic, then starting Python from scratch is the way to go. 

Wide Community of Users

Python is used by a rather large community because it is easy yet effective to use, even big-name companies like Google. This is very handy especially for startups seeing as you would need all the help you can get. In this case, marketing agencies are all about networks and leads. But as a startup, it is understandable if you struggle forging connections. Therefore using Python comes with a big advantage precisely because of its wide group of users whom you could always turn to in times of crisis. No doubt you would find someone who could help with basic troubleshooting, sharing a few tips on how to best utilize it, and hearing similar experiences from beginners as well. 


Scalability is an important factor when it comes to startups, marketing, or otherwise given that these usually follow an unconventional business process. That said, you would need a platform that you can easily alter and customize to your needs, which Python is known for. When your startup picks up and as your consumer base grows, you’ll need to modify your services to make sure you provide your customers with the best experience. So, you could easily develop new features and applications to supplement your business in record time to market for your customer’s convenience. What better and simpler way of modifying codes than by using Python. 

Huge Library of Database

These days, you would need data-driven marketing if you want to successfully entice customers. And Python is equipped with a huge database of libraries that can help you manage your data that would be beneficial for your marketing startup. From improved search engine optimization (SEO) to digital marketing techniques, Python has got you covered. Moreover, with Python, you could easily integrate big data and machine learning into your preferred data stack. 


As a startup, your online platform or portfolio should be readily accessible for anyone to see. It would be advantageous if your website or advertisement could easily be viewed and shared regardless of whether they are using web browsers, mobile devices, and even operating systems. Doing so would boost your visibility, after all, one of the reasons why marketing works is if people are repeatedly exposed to it or if it catches their attention. With Python, you won’t have to worry seeing as it can on every operating system. So whether a customer uses Linux, Windows, or Mac OS, if you’re using Python, you can always deliver. 


Startups don’t have access to a steady stream of resources yet, not like traditional organizations do. This means your startup marketing agency frequently faces time and budget constraints when it comes to making business decisions. To put it simply, you need to make smart and practical choices when it comes to investing your limited time and money. Because without a steady source of revenue, you will quickly find your startup has run itself to the ground. That said, investing in digital solutions doesn’t have to be expensive. Python is affordable because it is an open-source programming language. It means you won’t have to go broke over licensing fees seeing as anyone can contribute to it. 


Startup marketing agencies would greatly benefit from Python. Given that traditional means of marketing are slowly becoming ineffective, your startup is in the best place to adopt Python to promote your business. It is user-friendly, and versatile in a way that it can be customized to meet your needs as a business all without putting a dent in your resources. Plus, its large community of users is surely enough of a testimony to its efficacy and practicality.