Time Doctor is a time tracking software that can help team managers track and manage the workforce. It allows team members to track the time spent on each task and also provides productivity reports that can be used for future reference. This is a great tool for team management as it helps to improve team productivity and efficiency. In addition, it also allows team managers to track the work progress of each team member and identify areas of improvement. With this time tracking solution, team managers can easily monitor and manage the team’s work performance, making it a valuable asset for any organization.

Whether you run an e-commerce firm that sells furniture, area rugs, or provide therapeutic services, Time Doctor can assist you in getting a handle on team efficiency and spending.

How Does Time Doctor Work?

Time Doctor Team tracking software is designed to work in the background of your team’s computer activities. It monitors employee activity and produces detailed reports on how much time was spent working on which applications and websites.

Time Doctor also takes screenshots of team members’ activity at random intervals so that you can see what they were working on during the day.

Take, for example, an e-commerce company that sells furniture online. If this company were to use Time Doctor, they could track how long it takes team members to find and post products, respond to customer inquiries and complete the checkout process. Armed with this data, they could then optimize their team’s workflow to improve efficiency and overall productivity. Not only would this save the company time, but it would also likely result in increased sales as a result of faster customer service.

Managing Remote Teams

Time Doctor is also an excellent tool for managing remote teams. In addition to tracking work performance, it can also monitor team members’ internet usage and track their location. Time Doctor may be used by team leaders to keep track of their staff and guarantee that they are working rather than surfing the internet or chatting with friends. Employee productivity can also be tracked using this tool. For example, a company could track how many tasks a team member completes in an hour and then compare this data to the team member’s performance data from the previous month. This will allow the company to see if the team member is becoming more or less productive over time.

Improves Productivity

Time Doctor is a valuable tool for any business that wants to improve its productivity and efficiency. By tracking work performance and internet usage, businesses can ensure that their employees are staying on task and not wasting time. It may also be used to track employee productivity with Time Doctor. For example, it evaluates in what duration a task is completed, how many times it was interrupted, and how much time was spent on each individual task. This data can be used to improve team productivity by determining which tasks are taking too long to complete or which employees need more training.

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Reduces Distractions

Time Doctor also helps businesses reduce distractions by tracking internet usage. By monitoring which websites are being visited and for how long, employers can identify potential time-wasters. This information can then be used to block certain websites during work hours or create more rigid policies on internet usage. For example, when an employee knows that their internet usage is being monitored, they may be less likely to waste time online.

Managing Work Load

Time Doctor is an excellent program for tracking time and managing remote workers. It can be used to break down larger tasks into smaller subtasks that can be completed more easily. Employers may use this to assess how much time is required to complete a task and can also keep track of their employees’ performance.

Time Doctor is also useful for managing your team’s workload. For example, if you have a team of 10 workers, you can use this to see how much time each worker is spending on each task. This way, you can redistribute the workload if necessary so that each worker is completing tasks in a timely manner.

Time tracking software like Time Doctor can be an invaluable tool for managing your team and ensuring that projects are completed on time. With its many features, Time Doctor can help you to increase productivity and efficiency in your workplace.

Helps In Assigning Projects and Tasks

Time Doctor can also be used to help assign projects and tasks to employees. By seeing how much time different team members are spending on different tasks, employers can then distribute work more evenly. This is especially helpful for businesses with a team of remote workers. For example, you assign a task to upload images related to 4×6 rugs and to write content about various pages, and you can create different projects for each task and ask your employees to select the project on which they are working so that you can track their progress.


This is a fantastic approach to keep track of the time spent on a project and to see how much each group member has put in. This information can then be used when billing clients. It measures not just the time spent on a project but also how productive team members are. For example, if an employee is working for two hours but only completing one hour’s worth of work, that will be reflected in the data.

Time Doctor can also track how much time is spent on each task and generate reports accordingly. This is useful for project managers who need to know where team members are spending the majority of their time. By understanding where time is being wasted, you can decide the pricing of your services.


With this feature, team members can clock in and out on specific tasks, making it an ideal choice for those who need to bill clients by the hour. The software takes screenshots of team members’ screens at random intervals to ensure that they are working on the task at hand. It even records the screen for a few seconds before and after the screenshot is taken. To avoid wasting time on unneeded activities or web surfing, teams can use this feature to keep track of how much time employees waste. This may help team leaders keep track of their employees and ensure they aren’t wasting their time on unimportant tasks or surfing the web when they should be working. These screenshots can also be used as proof of work in case of any disputes.

Summing Up

Time Doctor is an essential tool for any business that wants to improve team productivity and manage employee time effectively. The software can assist organizations in making more informed decisions about how to allocate their resources by monitoring working hours, detecting distractions, and generating thorough reports. It is best for businesses that operate online like RugKnots; however, traditional brick and mortar businesses can also benefit from Time Doctor’s time tracking features. With this time tracking solution, businesses can manage their workforce more effectively and ensure that their employees are productive. This can assist companies in saving money and enhancing their profits by monitoring time spent on activities, measuring employee productivity, and detecting inefficiencies. Try Time Doctor for yourself and see how much your team can improve their productivity! Thanks for reading!