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How to Grow on Discord? Pro Tips


Discord is a unique social media site. It is a close-knit community of people who can only access you if you have approved them. It is possible to stay entirely off the grid on Discord and only add people you know and want to talk to. There is no risk of random people gaining access to your account since a number secures each account, and you need that number to send a friend request to the person. 

However, if you are on the same servers, people can find you and send you friend requests.

With Discord, there are many features, like Voice channels, text channels, and categorization of the text channels. Its user interface makes it very easy to use and understand. You can also personalize it any way you want.

Moreover, there are several bots that can make the process smoother and add additional fun features. For example, the Mee6 bot is used for music and channel management. There are various AI bots like Midjourney, which lets you generate paintings by giving them prompts and art styles, and the Free Stuff bot, which lets you know about the games that are given away for free on Steam or the Epic Games launcher. You can also code your own Discord bots for management and personalized functionality. 

The privacy of the invitation link is entirely controlled by you. You can either make a Discord server for your friends only or for school work. In that case, your server would be private, and only those you have personally sent the invitation link to (In chats or groups on other social media) can access the server. No outsiders can get access to the server. 

How to grow your Discord Server 

Visibility and a loyal community of people can help you a lot in different ways. Discord is a lot of people’s go-to way of finding trustworthy sources for buying products like NFTs, promoting themselves, and making a breakthrough in their businesses. The people that use Discord use it very actively and engage in the servers.

So, growing your Discord server can prove beneficial to you in a lot of ways. Some ways of growing your server are: 

Enlist your server

It is possible to make your server public. This is the way to grow your server. You can add your server to the many server lists available on the internet. People often look for servers to join based on their own specific interests and niches. Some of the more popular ones are as follows:

  4. invite. gg

Promote your Server on Reddit

There are many subreddits where you can promote your Discord server. Some of them are communities created solely to promote your Discord servers. Make sure to check the rules of the community so that promoting your discord by commenting on its link under Reddit posts won’t be considered spam. One of the suitable subreddits is r/DiscordAdvertising. You can find similar subreddits in various posts.

Besides, if you have a specific category for your server, you can go to those subreddits, like gaming or NFT, and promote your server there. 

Promote your Server on Other Social Media sites

Make sure that when you send invite links, you edit them so that they don’t expire after 7 days. Include the links in related conversations. There are also many groups with that specific niches where you can promote your server.  You should leverage Telegram as well, because discord users also prefer telegram as one of the safest social media platforms. 

Make the most of Discord 

Host events and watch parties with your members. Arrange giveaways and contests, like art contests. For fun and entertainment, use bots like Myuu that play Pokemon games. In the case of categorization, if you are an NFT server, you can give away free mints or NFTs. 

Discord also has the option for multiple activities like watching parties on Netflix or Disney Plus and playing games like Scrabble or Gartic  Phone. 

Hosting Events with Similar Servers

If a server has similar functionality as yours, you don’t have to necessarily be rivals. Instead, you can work together so that both of you can grow. This can be done by hosting events. Coming on VC to talk about your servers and share knowledge about certain topics. 

Social Plug Can Help You grow your social media channel. is a social media marketing agency whose services range across multiple platforms like YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Discord, Reddit, Instagram, and Telegram. You can choose the social media platform of your choice and then specify how many likes or followers you need. They have a customer service department open 24/7 to answer any questions you might have concerning the product. Besides, they also make custom orders if you want to have members from a certain region or country or a custom number of members.

To avail of their service, simply enter the URL of your Discord server. Then specify the number of Discord members you want. No signup or login information is required, so your privacy and safety are guaranteed.

Socialplug charges 0.1 dollars per server member. It is delivered within 12 hours of ordering. will provide you with the highest-quality server members that will appear authentic and have zero chances of being shown as bots.  This will help build your brand’s authenticity and social proof, therefore bringing you one step closer to monetizing your business.

However, you need to ensure a few things, like

  •  ensuring that the verification level on your Discord server is set to low.
  • Additionally, before placing an order, ensure that all anti-raid and verification bots have been turned off.

Payment Method and Delivery

You may pay on with credit cards or cryptocurrency. Google, Apple Pay, Amex, VISA, and Mastercard are also accepted

You can purchase particular bundles that are appropriate for your needs. Additionally, you can alter these bundles to suit your needs by chatting live with their agents.

The service is affordable, dependable, and provides 12-hour delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Discord members?

“Discord members” are people who have joined a Discord server, a chat and communication app designed for communities of all sizes. Discord users can interact with one another using text, audio, and video chat channels.



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