Whether you are a freelancer or content creator offering your services on social media, you know the real value of converting your followers into clients. For this purpose, you may need to take them where you actually close the deal. It could be your business website, link to other social media profiles UpWork profile, etc. But sharing different links with your followers or potential customers is frustrating. This is where using bio tools like All My Links come in handy.

What is All My Links (AllMyLinks)?

All My Links or AllMyLinks is a useful app that allows you to create a personalized and easily customizable page that keeps all the important links you want to share with your audience or potential customers. This not only makes link sharing easier but helps you improve content marketing in many ways. You can use All My Links to measure link clicks, drive social media traffic to your site, and generate more leads. This is the best way to promote more than one link using only one link.

Why Use All My Links in your Online Marketing Strategies?

AllMyLinks is a great way to gather all your important links like website, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook in a more personalized manner. You can create a profile on All My Links within seconds without spending a single penny. In this way, you are in better and complete control over link sharing even where you are restricted to share just a single link.

For instance, you are allowed to add just one link in your Instagram bio. And AllMyLinks allows you to create a personalized page with a unique URL where you can gather all your important links and profiles. As a result, you will be able to share all your links in one go. You can use that one personalized link everywhere either to promote your content or share your important details with your audience or clients.

Not only this, you can also track your visitors and check where the traffic is coming from. With AllMyLinks, you are better able to know your audience stats like where your audience is coming and following you from and where they are clicking once they see your link. This will help you identify the best platform to promote your products, services, or content effectively. Traffic insights provided by the app help you develop more personalized marketing tactics to target the audience more efficiently.

AllMyLinks Features

Here is a quick look at some exciting features of All My Links you should know before creating an account:

  • House all your links at a place
  • Welcome message feature to send an exclusive link
  • A secure and reliable way to share your links
  • You can link your PayPal account for a seamless experience
  • Receive your payments immediately
  • You can personalize your page with your own colors

Top Alternatives for AllMyLinks

Everyone wants to full control over his/her brand and marketing tactics. All My Links is the best way to move all your links at a place. However, some of the popular AllMyLinks alternatives are mentioned below:

  • Linkkle
  • Linktree
  • card
  • Link Hubb
  • Linksum
  • Socia Tap

Final Words

AllMyLinks app is a superb way to keep your followers and audience up to date with all the important links you want them to visit. Audience stats provided by the app also helps you see which links are getting more clicks. This allows you to understand your audience better to leverage your digital marketing strategies more effectively than ever before.