Since there is fierce competition when it comes to selling online, more and more eCommerce businesses are coming up with unique ideas and approaches to stand out and secure more sales. When people are searching for products online, they want to visit websites that are simple, appealing, and properly functional at the same time.

No matter how classy and enticing your website is, a lack of must-have eCommerce website features can fail your idea miserably. Success in online selling is all about providing users with an excellent website experience. To beat your competitors, you need to improve the buyer journey on the website by implementing must-have eCommerce website features in 2022. These features can also boost your eCommerce SEO efforts to help you convert more.

5 Must-Have eCommerce Website Features in 2022

There are several features every e-commerce website must have and some most important of them are listed below.

Mobile-friendly design & Easier navigation

Almost half of all website traffic is mobile and almost 61% of modern consumers are likely to buy from eCommerce websites with mobile-friendly designs. This means, choosing a mobile-friendly design for your eCommerce site can increase traffic and conversion effectively. A responsive web design makes your website mobile friendly and easy to view on smaller screens. Responsive eCommerce websites adjust to the device’s screen on which they are being viewed. As a result, a website looks perfect and functions properly across different mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Along with mobile friendliness, an eCommerce website must also have easier navigation features. When users are unable to quickly find what they need, they are likely to run away and purchase from somewhere else. Easier navigation is one of the must-have eCommerce website features in 2022 and beyond. That’s why, make your website easy to navigate by including clear menus, product categories, better UX design and site map, etc.

High-quality Photos and Videos

When it comes to buying online, consumers depend on product photos and videos to make final decisions. High-quality visuals not only attract and engage customers but also help them make purchase decisions. Using high-quality product photos and videos on your eCommerce website makes it look professional and enhance user experience as well. Experts say that products posted with videos are sold quickly and have better conversion rates. This is the reason, high-quality photos and videos are one of the features every e-commerce website must have in 2022 to secure more sales. Try to capture product photos from different angles to let customers view the product from more than one angle.

Prominent Shopping Cart and Checkout Buttons

Easy-to-use cards and checkout features are important e-commerce website essentials to sell more. Make sure the ‘add to card’ and ‘checkout’ buttons on your website are prominent. When users get into their carts after adding some products, provide them with all details like product title, price, quantity and shipping charges, etc. Also, make it easier for them to remove products from the card or make necessary changes instantly before they check out. Allow your customers to save their cards so they can come back and make purchases later whenever they want.

Multiple Payment Options

Convenience is more important than ever for modern consumers. They really want to connect with brands that offer greater convenience and several options when it comes to making online purchases. If your customers are likely to pay for products via PayPal but you just accept credit card payments, you will possibly miss out on many sales. Multiple payment options are one of the features every e-commerce website must have to provide users with a better experience.

Allow your customers to pay for products via several options that suit their needs. In addition to credit cards, make sure to add other online payment options like PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay, etc. on your eCommerce website. This will help you attract more customers and increase sales incredibly.

eCommerce Website Security Features

Adequate security is one of the must-have eCommerce website features in 2022 to stand out from your competitors. You need to make customers feel secure if you really want them to stick around and purchase more. Protect their personal details and financial information by using advanced security features.

Investing in a reliable SSL certificate, credit card verification value system, and multi-factor authentication are some of the best security approaches you can consider to make your eCommerce website secure. If your website is not secure, people wouldn’t purchase from you. In this digital landscape, insufficient website security can also open your business up to several financial and legal risks.


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