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Best Cloud Transfer Service – MultCloud Review


As you know, most cloud storage services do not have the function to transfer data directly across clouds. If you want to transfer data between clouds, you can download and upload data from one cloud drive to another. However, this will not work if you are transferring large files. So, here comes the cloud file transfer.

Why Need Cloud-to-Cloud Transfer?

Cloud-to-cloud backup and transfer help you transfer data between all the cloud storage services that you commonly use. This is also known as cloud-to-cloud migration. It is the most common type and usually involves transferring data from one cloud to another cloud or from an on-premise system to a cloud-based service. Cloud transfer can be done manually or automatically. There are many reasons for this, such as switching providers or consolidating multiple accounts.

  • Users are abandoning their current cloud and replacing it with a new cloud storage service.
  • Users have multiple cloud accounts and prefer to store different data on different cloud drives for personal and business use.
  • Users want to back up some important cloud files to another cloud storage in case of unexpected data loss.
  • The cloud storage space in one cloud is not enough and there is a large quota in another cloud.

Which Cloud Transfer Service Is the Best? – MultCloud

MultCloud is a professional and easy-to-use web service that manages all your cloud storage services with a single and safe interface. It supports more than 30 popular clouds like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, FTP, NAS, Amazon S3, SharePoint Online, and Google Workspace, making it easy to transfer and sync multiple cloud services under one account. And its Cloud Transfer function can instantly transfer, backup, or copy files across clouds without taking up local storage. What’s more, MultCloud is also a convenient cloud file management service that lets you quickly access the data which you need without the hassle.

Benefits of MultCloud Cloud Transfer

MultCloud supports both cloud-to-cloud and on-premise-to-cloud migrations. You can feel free to transfer your files across all the clouds you have added to MultCloud before. Just click once, and your files will be transferred without costing any of your cellular data traffic or local storage space.

Fast and Secure

MultCloud uses 10 high-speed data transfer threads to complete your cloud-to-cloud file transfer with full-time 256-bit AES encryption protection. So, there won’t be any chance of losing your data during transferring.

Automatic and Offline

Scheduled transfer, sync, and backup can be set up to automatically copy data across clouds at regular intervals like daily, weekly, or monthly. These tasks can be automatically performed by MultCloud without turning your device on.

Customizable Transfer

MultCloud offers a Filter to ignore or only transfer data with certain file extensions that you have set up. And it offers lots of options under certain circumstances. So, your cloud transfer can be realized by MultCloud according to your specific needs.

How to Do Cloud Transfer in MultCloud

It is so easy to transfer files from one drive to another using MultCloud. All you need is to get a MultCloud account and add your clouds to it. Then the Cloud Transfer feature will give you the best cloud file transfer experience you have ever had before.

Step 1. Open the MultCloud web on your browser and use your email, Google, Facebook, or Apple account to register MultCloud.

Step 2. Click “Add Cloud” and choose the cloud icon, then follow the pop-up window to add your cloud to MultCloud. You can repeat this step to add all your clouds to MultCloud without any limit.


Step 3. Move to the Cloud Transfer page, choose a cloud or files and folders of that cloud as the source, and choose another cloud or a location in it as the destination. Then just click “Transfer Now” and MultCloud will immediately transfer your cloud data from the source to the destination.



As you can see, just complete three simple steps and you can successfully transfer your data between clouds. If you are a business user that uses Google Workspace, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox Business, etc., MultCloud also offers Team Transfer to bulk migrate data from one business cloud to another with the auto-paring ability of source and destination subaccounts.

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