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Freelancing- Tips to Get More Freelance Writing Jobs


Full-time freelancing has its own perks, such as being able to set your own work schedule and working from wherever you want. But working as a freelance writer requires hard work, better time management skills, and the ability to find new freelance writing jobs, etc. Once you build a huge client base, it can be the best rewarding career.

What Is Freelance Writing?

Freelance writing is a career in which a professional and knowledgeable writer who works as an independent contractor as opposed to a full-time in-house writer. They offer a variety of writing services to brands, companies, and businesses and are capable of writing about any subject, topic, or industry. Freelance writers usually offer writing services like creative journals, newspaper writing, magazine, white paper, ghostwriting and content writing, etc. to both individuals and organizations.

Proven Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Whether you are doing freelancing as a professional copywriter, SEO content writer, or any other type of freelance writer and looking for more freelance writing jobs, below is a definitive guide that will help you do that effectively.

Supercharge Your Writing Skills

Unless you want to spend your time and efforts on entry-level job ads that pay pennies, you have to improve your content writing skills because organizations don’t hand bigger projects to anyone. Brands and companies looking for highly skilled and professional writers who are aware of basic SEO (search engine optimization) practices, write enticing headlines, write easy to consumer copies, value the importance of proofreading to make their work spotless, and are capable of meeting deadlines for writing projects. That’s why you need to supercharge your writing skills to land more freelance writing jobs even without facing troubles.

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Start a Blog

As almost all clients ask for sample work before they hire you for particular writing projects, having a well-established blog will not only serve as a portfolio but will also improve your writing expertise to become an authority in the industry. Just write awesome, informative, and interesting blog posts and show them as your sample work to potential clients. Moreover, you can appear in more searches related to freelancing or freelance writing experts when your blog is updated and optimized with the right keywords on a regular basis. You should implement blogging best practices to increase the visibility of your blog in search engines. It will help you land more clients even without hunting for writing jobs.

Hunt for freelance writing Work Every Single Day

If you get lazy about applying for writing jobs, filling out job applications, and sending pitches, soon you will have nothing to do, and work will dry up as well. Don’t think that you have a lot of work to complete because jobs can vanish for no reason. So, always hunt for new writing jobs to keep yourself busy at work and don’t accept more jobs than you can handle effectively.

Take Different Types of Freelance Writing Projects & Assignments

At the beginning of your freelancing career, try to take a variety of different writing assignments and projects from different clients. Most of the projects or topics will be totally new to you and will provide you new opportunities to improve your writing skills. Don’t stick to a particular writing type, but train yourself to write different materials like white papers, blog posts, articles, essays, research papers, and social media posts, etc.

Set a Workplace Outside the Home

Freelancing allows you to work whenever and wherever you want. So, try to set a workplace outside the home and other familiar surroundings. It really doesn’t mean that you need to rent an expensive office, but you can find a coffee shop near your home to set up your own unplanned office. Working at home is full of distractions and a lack of attention. That’s why try to work outside the home to meet your deadlines effectively and get more clients based on the work well done for other clients.

Ask Lots of Questions

You are unable to delight your clients when you don’t ask a lot of questions. Ask as many questions as you can to cast yourself in bright light to show your clients that you are passionate about your work and want to get all the details right before getting started with a project. It also builds trust and makes clients stick around for more work.

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