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Apology Emails: Best Practices and Examples


Business owners must ensure they constantly remain in touch with their customers. If something untoward happens, they need to apologize for it because if they don’t do so, it can result in the loss of the customer. Apology emails to customers save the customer for the business and ensure that the relationship with the customer strengthens.

Often the service provider has served the customer for years but a single mistake can have unimaginable adverse effects. Therefore, the service providers need to pay heed to it. And if something goes wrong, they need to send a polished letter to apologize for the untoward event.  

Need for Proper Communication and Apologies

Proper communication is the key to the best working relationship with a customer. Be it small businesses or big businesses, they need to communicate with their customers and make them feel that they matter. If a business doesn’t pay heed to it, it won’t be able to continue successfully.

To err is human and there is a possibility that there is a mishap in the delivery of a service or a product. There is a possibility that there is a bug in the software, security issue, wrong product being sent, or inability to deliver service/product in time. But it needn’t be the end of the relationship with the customer because it can be mended. If an apology is properly communicated, it can have amazing results.

Some working practices can ensure that your apology works and brings the desired results. We have worked on them and brought some to our readers. You can also get 10 Best Practices to Create Survey Invitation Emails for your emails. 

Apology Emails: Some Best Practices and Examples

Some reliable practices and examples for apology emails are given as follows.

Own the Mistake

The first thing to remember for an apology email sample is to ensure that the sender owns the mistake. If they prefer to go for ifs and buts, it won’t result in a positive impact. Rather, the customer might feel alienated because of the service provider’s response.

Though it might seem hard to acknowledge and accept the mistake it can be of great value. Therefore, if you write an apology email, you should openly accept the mistake.

Explanation of the Situation

The next thing that the writer needs to keep in mind is an explanation of the situation. It will tell of what went wrong and how it happened. It clarifies the situation that it didn’t happen intentionally, rather it was an untoward situation that wasn’t intended.

It shows that you took the time to investigate the problem and have empathy towards your customer. It also shows that you were proactive and made every possible effort to make sure that the reasons for the wrong happening were found out.

Ensuring Improvement

The apology email template must also contain the compulsory part of ensuring improvement. If you have owned the mishap and explained the details of what happened, you can add how you plan to improve the situation. It will show how you plan to make amendments for the wrong happenings.

If you present a plan of action to improve the situation, it will help with improving customer trust in the company’s service.

Asking for Suggestions

You can also ask for customer suggestions to know what else can be improved. The additional feedback will strengthen the relationship between the company and the customer.


Apology emails can help improve the relationship between a company and a customer. If some mishap occurs, the apology email can set it right by ensuring that the service provider owns the mistake. It ensures that the customer knows that they are the priority and considered when the company takes any decisions. If the above-given practices are followed, it will have a strong impact, improving the company’s relationship with the customer. 



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