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Transition Words- How Can They Improve Your Content Writing and SEO Efforts


Writing quality and useful SEO web content that is easy to read and engaging requires a lot of effort. However, the creative use of transition words in your copy can make it a lot easier to highlight the main points in your writing and meet the standard SEO requirements to rank higher in search results. Smart content creators incorporate transition words in their content writing efforts not only to maximize the quality of content but to improve the content readability as well. According to webmasters and industry experts, these words are an integral part of effective content copywriting.

What Are Transition Words?

Words or phrases that help writers to bridge together two sentences or paragraphs in a piece of writing are known as transition words. These words provide an extra setting or situation that helps readers to link useful information together effectively and make them better able to see the big picture. Moreover, they help you make your copies well-structured and organized to increase readability.

There is an understanding element in these words which makes readers feel like the content is easy to understand and relevant also. For example, words like ‘also’ are more common among peoples than ‘hence’ or ‘hereafter’ because they are frequently used in day to day life. That is the reason, content written with more familiar and common words is engaging and easier to consume.

How Transition Words Improve Content Readability for Better SEO

When you want to attract more users to your website and keep them engaged, you should provide them with supreme comfort to read and consume content available on your site. When they are comfortable with reading your articles or web content, they are naturally interested in reading more on your website.

The creative use of transition words in your SEO copywriting project helps you emphasize your ideas clearly and more effectively, so you don’t have to do something extra for readers’ understanding because transition words are there to link information together in two or more sentences or pieces. It improves readability that contributes positively to boost your overall SEO efforts greatly.

Yoast SEO plugin also suggests that the use of transition words in web content writing highlights the connection between sentences and phrases to help your readers understand your ideas or thoughts more effectively. They also predict and prepare readers for something interesting yet to come.

Transition Words SEO

Why Transition Words Are Important for SEO

There is a huge range of transition words and phrases that can have a significant impact on content readability and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

Not a direct correlation, but there is a sure connection between SEO and transition words because they can amazingly improve the structure and readability of your content. The more your web content is easily readable, the more time visitors/readers spend on your website or blog which is one of the important metrics search engines like Google consider when determining ranks of websites for search engine result pages.

Drive More Traffic

When you create easily readable, informative, and engaging content for your blog or website by using the right transition words, your visitors are more likely to enjoy reading and stay longer on your website. In this era of social media apps, when people read your article and find it interesting and useful too, they are more likely to share it within their social circles to help you get your content in front of a wider and qualified audience. As a result, it helps you drive more traffic to your blog or website.

Transition Words Help Reduce Bounce Rate

As it is mentioned above that transition words make content easy to read and engaging, visitors are expected to stay longer on your site. When they spend most of their time reading content on your website, it helps you reduce the bounce rate of your website. Search engines like Google also consider this data (improved bounce rate & readers’ engagement) when they index and rank webpages for SERPs.

Transition Words SEO

List of Transition Words & Phrases for Better SEO Copywriting

Addition Words

  • additionally
  • also
  • another
  • further
  • furthermore
  • moreover

Addition Phrases

  • for example
  • for instance
  • in addition
  • in another case
  • together with
  • what’s more

Emphasis Words

  • altogether
  • basically
  • certainly
  • chiefly
  • particularly
  • significantly

Emphasis Phrases

  • with attention to
  • with this purpose in mind
  • in the light of
  • in the same fashion
  • by all means

Condition, Contrast, and Compare Words

  • although
  • besides
  • but
  • comparatively
  • consequently
  • contrarily
  • unlike

Condition, Contrast, and Compare Phrases

  • by comparison
  • compared to
  • different from
  • to put it another way
  • to put it differently

Illustration Words

  • accordingly
  • correspondingly
  • e.g.

Illustration Phrases

  • as an illustration
  • at length
  • in like manner
  • to demonstrate
  • to emphasize
  • to enumerate
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Noman Sarwar
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