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WhatsApp Messenger App Privacy Policy- Everything You Need To Know


The most popular WhatsApp messenger app owned by Facebook has started sending in-app notifications to its users in a recent couple of days. The notification claims that there had been a significant change in privacy policy and Terms of Services of WhatsApp app. The application will force its users to agree to the privacy policy by February 8 2021 in order to continue using the instant messaging app. Or else lose access to the application.

Agreeing to the change in WhatsApp privacy policy means that the app will collect and use users’ data and information including phone number, device information and IP, etc. and share with the parent company Facebook.

As users are informed about the latest update via in-app notification, users can either agree to the terms or ignore until 8 February 2021.

Users across the globe feel betrayed and moving to WhatsApp alternatives like Telegram and Signal etc.

Will WhatsApp Messenger App Share your messages with Facebook?

The WhatsApp new privacy policy doesn’t include any changes in the way the app treats personal conversations and chats. Chats on WhatsApp will remain end-to-end encrypted and no third party will be able to access and read them. The new update doesn’t impact how people use WhatsApp to communicate privately with family members and friends.

What Data will WhatsApp Share with Facebook?

According to the new privacy policy update, WhatsApp will collect and share data with Facebook. The data they will collect includes:

  • Phone number
  • Mobile operator or ISP
  • Device name
  • IP address
  • Device’s battery level
  • Language
  • The current version of the app
  • Browser information
  • Identifiers

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy update is rolling out around the world. Hence, WhatsApp users in the European Union received only one point in their in-app notification. People living in the 27 European countries, will not have their personal data and information shared with Facebook or any other third party.

Users’ Reactions Against WhatsApp Messenger App New Privacy Policy

People across the globe begin to shun WhatsApp over its new privacy policy update. They are shifting to Telegram and Signal as these messaging apps have emerged as the top alternatives to WhatsApp app.

Here are some public reactions found on Twitter right after WhatsApp tweaks privacy policy:

Incredible surge in Signal users is also reported by a reputed news agency

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