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Social Selling – How to Execute like a Pro


With more than 3.6 billion active users on social media worldwide, social selling is the new sales model (sales 2.0) and one of the best ways to sell products or services online. Social media has provided both marketers and brands with a place to reach, connect, and engage with their customers.

It is not just about getting access to potential and existing customers, but about building relationships and wait for the right moment to join the social conversations so you can present your products or services as an appropriate solution to a particular problem or issue.

What is Social Selling?

Social selling is the art of using social media sites to reach, connect, and engage with prospects and customers. It is a modern approach to build relationships with potential customers to become the first choice when they are about to purchase something. For many businesses and brands, social selling has replaced the old traditional practice of cold calling.

You are already engaged with social selling if you have a Facebook page, a LinkedIn company page, or an Instagram business account. Most brands and salespersons use the power of social media to provide their customers with value by responding to their queries, answering questions, and by sharing useful & informative content until a potential customer is ready to make purchases.

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Why you Should Care about Social Selling?

Social selling is a marketing strategy used to achieve your sales goals by answering potential buyers’ questions on social media channels through informative content and ideas. Social selling helps brands generate qualified leads, increase brand awareness, and boost sales. In a nutshell, selling on social media is an important component for brands and businesses these days.

According to the products or services you offer and where your target audience is active and most engaged on social media, this is where you should be active the most to sell more. numerous social media sites are out there, but it is important to find out the right channel where your target audience is to be engaging. Understanding your audience, knowing their interests, and monitoring core social media channels are the key elements of a successful social selling campaign.

Pillars of Social Selling for Better Outcomes

Social media is the best place for businesses and brands to promote their products/services and engage with their customers. Along with strengthening relationships with existing customers, brands can also use social media to generate leads and convert them into best-paying customers.

Here is a list of tips that can help you execute social selling like a pro.

1 Build a Strong Professional Brand

In this modern business landscape, buyers are very choosy and are likely to work with brands they can trust. Building a strong professional brand shows that you are an active contributor in the industry and can help your customers solve their issues effectively. it leads to more queries from prospects and more positive responses to your interactions.

2 Look Your Best

Your image is just as imperative in the cyber space as it is in the real life. Your branding on social media is the very first thing people will see when land on your profile. So, make a good impression by maintaining consistency in brand across social media sites to win trust.

Your bio on social media profiles must have everything from greetings to an elevator pitch to capture the attention of prospects and make them stick around. In order to provide your potential customers with an excellent personal experience, write in the first person. Be sure to share all the necessary contact details and business information to be easily accessible.

3 Focus on the Right Prospects

Social selling allows you to reach and connect with potential customers. More than 76% of online buyers are always ready to start a social media conversation to make informed buying decisions. So, always focus on the right prospects and take your time to provide them with all the important information and details to encourage them for purchases.

4 Join Social Media Conversations with Useful Insights

When it comes to join a conversation for social selling, position yourself as an industry expert by sharing the most relevant and useful industry news, trends, and insights. Most modern consumers respond to brands that reach them with relevant data and insights. Staying up to date with the latest industry trends and news is the best way to answer customer queries with useful data and information.

5 Earn Trust by Sharing Success Stories

You might be providing exceptional services or highlighting the impressive features of your products. But potential customers may not trust what you are sharing. This is the place where sharing success stories can come into play and help you earn trust. Use social media profiles to show proofs to back up your claims.

Keep sharing success stories and positive reviews from your existing customers to help potential customers make informed decisions. User-generated content is also a superb way to let potential customers know what people are saying about your brand. It can help you a lot in social selling.

Benefits of Social Selling

Social selling can make your business grow in a variety of ways. It is not only for sales persons but can help the whole business prosper.

Here are proven benefits of social selling for your brand and sales force.

Increases Brand Awareness

When most of your employees are active on social media and sharing useful information about your brand on their social profiles, they help you get more clicks and engagements on your company profiles. As a result, it increases brand awareness and makes your brand last in the minds of both potential and existing customers.

Social Selling Drives More Leads

Just as brand awareness increase, the quality of leads does so. When you have an active team of social sellers equipped with informative content and information, they are better able to educate potential customers in the best possible way to encourage them for purchases. As a result, potential customers are able to make wise buying decisions and are likely to buy from you. Modern consumers trust personal recommendations and your social team can provide them with valuable recommendations based on insights and data.

Boosts Web Traffic

When you are active on social profiles for social selling, you are likely to share product pages and company content with potential clients. As a result, you get more clicks on your business website and boost its rank in search engines to drive more organic traffic ultimately.

Social Selling Increase Sales

Social selling is the best way to boost sales and increase deal size. When you build more trusted relationships over social media, they are more likely to visit you again and again for more purchases. The more customers you get, the more revenues you generate for your brand.

Noman Sarwar
Noman Sarwar
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