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Easy Steps to Create and Grow Facebook Business Page Like a Pro


With more than 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest social media site. And there is a great chance for small business owners and brands to reach and connect with their target audience on this popular social media channel.

So, don’t waste another hour, day, or week poking around and trying to figure out it all and get started right now. If you are not sure where should you start or need a Facebook business page creation guide to follow, this blog post will lend you a helping hand.

This piece of writing will walk you through the basic instructions and guidance you need to set up your Facebook business page and run it like a social media pro.

What Is a Facebook Business Page?

A business page for Facebook is a separate place from your personal profile where you manage the presence of your brand, business, or organization on the biggest social media platform around the globe. This page is attached to your personal profile. By creating a page on Facebook for your business, you have access to a lot of features including post scheduling, analytics, and paid ads, etc. to promote your business or products effectively.

The page allows you to reach and connect with your customers and generate leads. You can do this by

  • Creating and sharing awesome and informative content
  • Listening and responding to customer inquiries in real-time
  • Collaborating with the audience and fellow brands
  • Getting your brand or products reviewed by customers

And much more.

Facebook Page is one of the vital elements of every successful social media marketing campaign.

Facebook Business Page Creation Guide- How to Create a Page on Facebook

Creating a Facebook Business Page allows your customers to discover and interact with your brand or business on Facebook and get all the important updates and news about your business in their feeds.

Here is how you can set up easily and grow greatly.

Sign up

To create a Facebook business page, just visit Choose the right type of page from business/brand or community/public figure.

Right after that, enter your business details and information into the given fields. Use your business name for the page or choose a unique and appealing business name that your target audience is likely to search for on Facebook when trying to find what you have to offer.

To choose the right category for your page, type a word or two and you will get suggestions for categories to describe your business. You can choose one or more categories for your business. Try to choose the category options your customers are likely to think of when finding your business or brand on FB.

Add Profile Picture and Cover Photo

After giving your business page a name and selecting the right categories, now it’s time to upload a profile and cover images to increase its visual appeal.

In order to give your page an appealing and attention-grabbing look, make sure to choose images that align with your brand and describe your brand or products well. use of the professional logo is highly recommended to use as a profile picture of your page on FB.

Profile picture accompanies your business name in search results and when you communicate with your audience. It appears on the top left of your FB page’s home. The core purpose of the profile picture is to help your customers identify your brand or business on Facebook easily.

The ideal Facebook page profile photo size is 360 x 360 pixels. But you can also use a photo with a minimum size of 180 x 180 pixels.

The ideal size for a Facebook page cover photo is 820 x 312 pixels.

Create your Username

Vanity URL or username is the URL of your Facebook business page that you can share with people. It looks like

You can give it a length up to 50 characters. However, you should make it easy to read, type, and remember. You can also use your brand name as your FB business page username.

You can click Create Page @Username in the left menu to set up your vanity URL for your page.

Add your Business Details

When creating a Facebook business page, it is important to add all details and information of your business in the given fields. You can find them in the about section of your page.

As everyone is on social media and people are more likely to search on Facebook to know more about their favorite brands, you must fill out important business details on your page. It will help your customers find and contact your brand conveniently.

Make sure to mention the business address, phone number, website, and open hours. The description section provides you another opportunity to describe and explain your brand well in front of your audience. So, fill it with the most relevant and useful information to help customers know who you are and what you offer.

Tell your Story

The best thing about Facebook business page is that it allows you to tell a story about your brand or brand in a great way.

There is a section on the FB business page where you can write a lengthy, informative, and attention-grabbing description of your business. You can find it in the about section.

Along with a detailed description, you can also add an appealing headline and relevant image to hook your audience effectively.

Publish your Page and Invite Friends to Like

Once all the important information and details added successfully, now it is time to hit the ‘Publish Page’ button to make it live for the general public. When published, your Facebook business page is visible to Facebook users around the world.

After that, start inviting your friends to like it so you will be able to build a community around your brand. You can also create a paid ad, add link into your email signature or post it on your website to get more likes.

Add a Relevant Call to Action

There are many reasons why your existing and potential customers visit your business page on Facebook. You can add a call to action button on your page to help them find what exactly they need.  

There are multiple built-in CTA buttons and you can choose the right one as per the core objective of your page. You can use CTA to encourage visitors to shop, download an app, or learn more about your business.

Create and Publish Awesome & Informative Posts on your Facebook Business Page

In order to make your Facebook business grow, you should post relevant, informative, and valuable content with consistency. When creating posts, use relevant hashtags and attention-grabbing visuals to get increase reach and engagement. The use of most relevant hashtags increases the visibility of your social media content and makes your content appear in more searches.

Use Facebook Business Page Insights to Make Smart Decisions

Insights provided by Facebook is a place where you can learn more about your audience. The more you learn and understand about your audience, you can create awesome and relevant content to satisfy their individual needs.

FB page insights provide you data about people visiting your page and how they are interacting with your posts. Insights are useful to have a clear picture of the overall performance of your page. You can see likes of your page, reach, and engagements on your page. The available data and information can be used to plan future content and ads to reach the target audience in a more personal way.

Create and Run Paid Ads

Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to reach your target audience on social media. You can do this by creating paid ads on your Facebook business page. In this way, you can create appealing and informative ads to reach Facebook users who are more likely to buy products or services you offer. Facebook paid ads can grow your page greatly to help you build a robust presence on Facebook.

Noman Sarwar
Noman Sarwar
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