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Phygital vs. Traditional Marketing: Which Approach is Right for Your Business?


The primary focus of online business owners and organizations is developing an efficient marketing strategy to spread awareness of their goods and services. They frequently have to choose between traditional marketing and Phygital marketing, and this decision influences whether the techniques they use will be successful or unsuccessful.

Let’s know the Phygital Meaning and the difference between traditional marketing and Phygital marketing.

What Is Phygital Meaning?

The terms “physical” and “digital” were combined to create the phrase “Phygital.” The combination of the physical and digital worlds is referred to as a digital marketing concept. The idea is reversing the process and integrating digital aspects into the client’s physical experience.

By bringing complementarity between online and offline, Phygital aims to generate positive results in terms of customer satisfaction, notoriety, conversion rate, and loyalty.

Consumers are always looking for more convenience, it is a question of supporting them throughout their journey, from the intention to purchase or pre-shopping to after-sales service, by exploiting each of the channels. The purchase journey removes all barriers between physical and digital, thus allowing the customer to:

  • Check the availability of a product in-store,
  • Test a product in-store, then buy it online,
  • Locate the nearest store,
  • Pay via mobile at the point of sale,
  • Pay in self-service via in-store order terminals,
  • Choose home delivery from purchases on the e-store,
  • Opt for in-store delivery with click-and-collect, etc.

What Is Phygital Marketing?

The term Phygital is the contraction between physical and digital terms, thus designating the fusion between two worlds: the physical store and the digital universe. It alludes to any company’s digital transformation aiming to provide customers with digital sales materials and digitize its points of sale.

The purpose of Phygital is to personalize the customer experience and, at the same time, to increase its sales forces: it is a question of reaching a greater number of targets while offering them the possibility of making their purchases online.

You can connect your clients’ online and offline physical experiences by using physical-digital marketing. Making the transition between the two transparent is Phygital’s goal.

The best aspects of Phygital marketing are enabling customers to engage with your brand, and leveraging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality to optimize delivery costs while maintaining a human connection.

The need for digital experiences is obvious. With a large number of customers shopping online, businesses have to sell their products over the Internet. Furthermore, our inclination to shop in person at physical stores has not been affected by the expansion of Phygital marketing.

Even though people are getting products and services online from the comfort of their homes, they still prefer to interact with brands physically. This is why hardcover books are still selling, even though e-books are more accessible than ever.

What Is Traditional Marketing?

To convey your message and promote your product or service, traditional marketing is a strategy that involves employing the media, such as radio, television, newspapers, or print media, and advertising posters. Traditional marketing is based on the idea that businesses should approach consumers directly, known as outbound or incoming marketing.

The term “traditional” refers to any marketing that is not conducted online. This means communicating with the target audience through print, video, direct mail, telephony, and outdoor advertising such as billboards. The media, from radio to newspapers, is also a part of this marketing strategy.

Traditional marketing is one of the most researched areas of business. Marketers lean towards this method because it is tried and true. Every person in their daily life is faced with some traditional marketing, whether it is receiving mailing lists or daily newspapers.

Traditional marketing plays an important role in attracting local audiences. Ads published in physical form may be stored for a long time. In addition, there is an audience that is easier to reach through traditional marketing than Phygital.

Phygital vs. Traditional Marketing: Which is Right for Your Business?

Traditional marketing has some intriguing advantages for an efficient marketing approach, but it is severely constrained by the social changes that have been noticed. Because of its high price and limited accessibility, the target cannot interact with the brand to learn more about the product. Digital marketing, in contrast to traditional marketing, provides good value for the money. All kinds of enterprises can use Phygital, and it also provides a significant consumer market.

Additionally, because customers may provide detailed feedback on a service or a product, the brand/customer interaction is more humanistic. Additionally, physical marketing is more contagious because its different communication channels are relevant. In terms of return on investment, a web marketing plan is more effective than a conventional marketing strategy.

According to the goals to be reached, a decision must be made between traditional and digital marketing. Choose web marketing instead for increased effectiveness and virality of your marketing plan.

Of course, conventional marketing continues to play a significant role in marketing plans. However, digital and computer technology development has completely altered consumer shopping habits. Web marketing has no geographic restrictions when it comes to the new markets you wish to target, unlike conventional advertising campaigns on television, radio, and in print newspapers. Having a social media presence is crucial for businesses to develop a new level of client proximity. Effective and targeted brand feedback is one technique to find out what Internet users think about a product or service. However, a Web advertisement can equally effectively reach a local as well as a global audience.


Regardless of whether it is traditional or Phygital, there is no doubt that marketing is essential today. Because thanks to this it is possible to apply tailor-made strategies, measure the results, give the user the best experience, achieve the objectives of your business; and thus benefit both parties. Traditional marketing and Phygital marketing are not at odds. Choosing one or the other depends on the needs of your business and the target market.



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