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Ways to Make Influencer Marketing Really Work for B2B Industries


Whether you name them micro-influencers, social media influencers, or fashion influencers, they can play a significant role in increasing brand awareness and boosting the authority of your business. According to a report, brands and companies have spent almost 8 billion USD on Instagram influencer marketing. Not only for B2C companies, but influencer marketing can also work well for B2B businesses and brands.

It may be tricky. But using Influencer marketing for B2B industries can help them double their sales and increase brand awareness to outpace their competitors.

B2B Influencer Marketing Tips for Businesses

In this blog post, I have explained how B2B influencer marketing can increase brand awareness, traffic, and ROI for your business.

Turn Existing Customers into Influencers

A huge misconception in this marketing method is that you should partner with popular influencers on social media within your industry. This is not so true, because you can easily turn your existing customers into influencers and brand advocates. It is a superb idea to build strong relations with your customers and ask them to recommend your products or services in local B2B events and networks. You can also ask them to review your products or services and share them on their social media feeds. It will help you reach a wider audience that you can easily convert into valuable customers.

Find Potential Influencers

Whether he is an industry expert, research expert, podcaster, or news breaker, reach and partner with them for your B2B business marketing as they could be popular influencers in the future. Reach industry leaders and experts followed by your customers and ask them to promote your brand across their digital and social media profiles. Identifying the right potential influencers and work with them because their endorsements can add huge value in terms of trust and reliability to win more customers.

Focus on Co-Creation

B2B influencers are not just supposed to mimic your corporate message or share your social media profiles. Allow them to put their spin on the benefit of your products or service. In this way, they will be more persuasive on your behalf and influence more companies to make purchases from you.

All you need to do is find the right influencer in your industry and make clear what you are looking to accomplish with your influencer marketing efforts. Then listen to their ideas and help them create interesting and engaging content to get your message in front of your target audience in a creative way.

Look Beyond the Traditional Sources

Influencer marketing is not just for Instagram and other social media sites. Not doubt IG is the best place to reach a broader audience, but there is a lot more you can try to reach and connect with your audience. Blog posts on popular industry magazines, podcasts conferences, interviews and Twitter chats are some other innovative ideas you can use to take B2B influencer marketing to a whole new level to reach better outcomes.

Harness the Power of Data and Automation

Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Data Analytics are buzzwords in the digital field. Data is a raw material that brands and companies can utilize not only to make informed business decisions but to create personalized marketing campaigns as well. Data can be used to reach, out target audience, market your brand and convert internet users into best-paying customers. The same applies to B2B industries. You can hire a data intelligence or data analytics company to turn your business data into valuable business insights that can be used to create result-driven influencer marketing campaigns to reach the right audience at right time.

Invite Industry Leaders and Experts to Submit Guest Posts

Inviting industry influencers to write guest posts for your brand or business is getting popular for a good reason. Right after finding the right influencer in your niche, let them know that your audience and interests are similar to theirs and how writing a guest blog post can benefit you both. Discuss the topics of their interests and ask them to write an informative and interesting post that is useful to your target audiences. Once ready, publish the post on your blog or website by their name and share it across your social media profiles. Also, invite them to share the guest post on their social profiles too.

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