The internet is continuously opening up exciting new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to reach the target audience effectively.

But how to make sure startups and small business owners have all the necessary digital skills to succeed in this digital world?

Sole proprietors and small business owners are usually operating with limited resources and time. That’s why investing in digital marketing skills and expertise could be overwhelming.

This is the place where Google digital garage (a free online learning platform for digital skills) comes into play to help you elucidate and learn digital. It is the world’s best digital learning platform that supports entrepreneurs and small business owners through their journey of online visibility.

What is google digital garage?

The Google digital garage is a project launched by Google in back 2015. It allows anyone to learn the fundamentals of digital marketing for free so they can take their brands and business to a whole new level by building a successful online presence. As a result, they can reap the benefits of being available and accessible online regardless of their expertise and marketing background.

This free online learning platform provides a full digital course named ‘fundamentals of digital marketing’ using easy to understand examples of how different startups can use a variety of digital channels and platforms in different ways to grow their presence online. The learners receive a free certificate endorsed by Google and the IAB Europe upon successful completion of the course.

Why learn with Google digital garage?

the best thing about Google digital garage is that the majority of courses offered by them are totally free. All those courses are approved by industry professionals, top entrepreneurs around the globe, and leading employers. It makes sure that anything you are learning is up to date and with real-life examples to reach your digital goals effectively.

Furthermore, this learning platform provides learners with a personalized training plan to learn digital marketing skills at their own paces and for free. You can also hone your digital skills with Google via free live training without leaving your home or office. The learners are also provided with a certificate endorsed by Google and the IAB Europe so they can present their selves as certified digital professionals.

What can the Google Digital Garage do for you?

There are numerous free courses available on Google digital garage. In simple words, there is a lot to learn from creating a new website to optimizing it for search engines and other digital channels. All you need to do is just choose a topic you want to learn and earn a digital certification from Google and IAB Europe.

Below are the necessary steps you can take right now to sign up for Google digital garage and start your learning journey right away.

1 Set your learning goals

In order to start effective learning, create a plan that is right for you. Whether you want to sell more products online, reach a broader target audience, or just want to increase brand awareness, set your learning goals and sign up for the course that is right for you.

2 Learn from experience

Digital courses in Google’s digital garage are full of videos from industry experts. You can watch videos to learn from their experience or can visit physical garages for in-person training and learning.

3 Apply your knowledge

Right after watching a video, you can easily test your knowledge about what you have learned during the lecture. Testing your knowledge will help you apply the right digital skills to take your business to the next level for ultimate growth and success.

4 Track your progress

While learning up-to-date digital skills, you can keep proper track of your progress on a personal dashboard. It keeps you motivated and shows a clear picture of where you are and where you want to be.

5 Keep going

Since there are a lot of digital courses you can learn via Google digital garage, you can learn more ways to drive more traffic to your business and gain more new customers. Upon the successful completion of the fundamentals of digital marketing (by completing all the topics), you can get yourself a certificate from Google and IAB.


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