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Unlocking new opportunities with AWS Certification Credentials


Amazon Web Services is one of the world’s most coveted cloud platform providers. So, AWS-certified jobs are naturally considered to be the most sought-after globally. AWS certifications are the hardest to crack, and organizations value professionals with AWS credentials. 

Jobs in AWS cloud are scattered across all industries as organizations are now adopting and migrating to cloud services. Amazon Web Services has developed certifications tailored to specific jobs and industries. So, professionals can now choose from role-based certifications: Foundational, Professional, Associate, and Speciality credentials. 

The AWS career path is designed to equip IT professionals with the skills to increase their earning potential and improve their efficiency with AWS technology. Not only does an AWS certification look good on a resume, but it also enables the professional to command respect and credibility in the industry. So, it is time to unlock new career opportunities with AWS certification jobs. 

We will discuss the AWS job roles you can consider once certified. But before that, let us briefly understand the AWS certification paths. 

What is an AWS career path?

Known as AWS, Amazon’s cloud computing platform provides a wide range of services, including IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service) in a variety of prepackaged forms. Resources like computing power, database storage, and content distribution are just some of what AWS can provide for a company. 

Amazon’s web services career allows professionals to create and deploy over 200 services in their portfolio, whether adopting private cloud services or migration, networking, data management, security, development tools, etc. 

Whether you’re looking to advance in your current position or transition to a different one, you must get a suitable certification. There are a total of 12 certificates at four different levels. AWS also offers certifications for employers and candidates. 

  1. AWS Certification-Foundational- Cloud Practitioner
  2. AWS Certified- Solutions Architect- Associate
  3. AWS Certified- SysOps Administrator- Associate
  4. AWS Certified- Developer-Associate
  5. AWS Certified- Solutions Architect-Professional
  6. AWS Certified- DevOps Engineer-Professional
  7. AWS Certified-Advanced Networking- Specialty
  8. AWS Certified- Big Data- Specialty
  9. AWS Certified- Security-Specialty
  10. AWS Certified- Machine Learning- Specialty
  11. AWS Certified-Alexa Skill Builder-Specialty
  12. AWS Certified- Database-Specialty

Starting with the entry-level foundational course that does not require prior experience or technical knowledge, you can climb the ladder with AWS certification jobs and validate your skills to deploy distributed systems on AWS. 

You can also refer to the AWS training video by Simplilearn to understand more about the concept and learn how to create a Jenkins server. 

AWS Training Video | AWS Certified Solutions Architect Training | AWS Tutorial | Simplilearn

Career growth opportunities and highest-paying jobs in AWS Cloud

Since every sector uses cloud services, there is a greater need for AWS-trained experts. Certified experts in Amazon Web Services are reportedly in great demand and command some of the highest salaries of any IT qualification. Therefore, getting your AWS certification may help you get hired for a wide range of high-paying positions within AWS. 

According to Glassdoor, AWS Solutions Architects/Cloud Engineers/DevOps Engineers earn up to $1,14,465 annually in the United States. So, the earning potential is higher depending on the level of expertise and years of experience. 

Top 7 jobs you can get after AWS Certification 

34% of IT professionals have seen an increase in salary and value to their companies, according to Global Knowledge’s IT Skills and Salary Report 2022. Let us explore the various AWS job roles you can get once certified. 

  1. AWS Cloud Architect

A cloud architect’s job is to take a project’s technical specifications and turn them into the blueprint for the finished product’s layout and structure. In addition to designing and implementing cloud-based solutions, the aws cloud architect must act as a liaison between IT and the business to resolve complex issues. 

  1. AWS SysOps Administrator

When it comes to delivering, operating, and monitoring systems on the AWS platform, it’s the job of an AWS SysOps Administrator. Therefore, validate your expertise as a production task manager on the AWS cloud by earning your AWS SysOps Manager certification. 

  1. Cloud Developer

Programming apps and solutions for businesses is the responsibility of cloud developers. There are many AWS jobs for those with extensive experience in software engineering and familiarity with the AWS platform. Also, you may move up the ladder faster by earning your AWS Developer Associate certification.

  1. AWS Key Account Manager

In the AWS career path, if you know administrative jobs, sales, and purchases, you have plenty of opportunities once you get certified as an AWS cloud practitioner. A key account manager’s responsibilities include generating sales, expanding the company’s customer base, and securing new business.

  1. AWS Networking Specialist

Professionals in this field keep networks functioning well by monitoring their daily activities. They monitor the network, record data on its performance, fix bugs, ensure its security, foresee any difficulties, and keep it running smoothly. For an AWS career in networking, if you are already an expert in system administration, you can move up the ladder with specialty certifications. 

  1. Cloud Software Engineer

There is tremendous growth in an Amazon web services career as a software developer if you are highly skilled in programming languages like Java and Python. The focus of the cloud software engineers’ work is on cloud-based platforms. They help establish how a system operates and provide direction to coders. They may enhance the performance of current systems or develop new ones. 

  1. Cloud DevOps Engineer

A senior engineer with skills in areas other than development, such as system chores and framework organization, is known as a DevOps engineer. With the AWS platform, you can verify your skills with an associate or professional AWS certification to leverage the demand for DevOps engineers. 


You can leverage these top 7 AWS-certified jobs and accelerate career growth and opportunities with various role-based AWS certifications. Earning an AWS certification is a great way to distinguish yourself in the workforce and move up the corporate ladder.



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