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Google Cloud Computing- Google Cloud Platform GCP Explained


Cloud computing has been around for a couple of decades and a great way to run a business and deliver enterprise applications. It is an ideal solution for businesses and companies launching new tech solutions and systems. Cloud computing is one of the important technologies for successful growth in this competitive landscape. AWS, Microsoft, Google, and Ali Baba are the leading cloud computing services providers. Both brands and individuals utilize these services as per their specific requirements. Google cloud computing offers a variety of cloud services for brands and businesses around the globe.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is public cloud-based services offered by the world’s largest search engine Google. There is a variety of cloud computing services offered by GCP. Services offered by the Google computing platform can be accessed by IT professionals, software engineers, cloud administrators, and other businesses via a dedicated corporate network or public internet.

What Google Cloud Platform Does?

Google cloud computing platform is one of the leading cloud resources providers and can be used to deploy and operate applications and programs on the web. It provides a place for enterprises and individuals so they can build and run their apps, software, and solutions. GCP uses the internet connection to connect the business/app with its users. When a website, application or software is deployed on Google Cloud Platform, Google keeps proper track of its resources used. Tracked resources include processing power, database queries, data storage, and connectivity, etc. When using Google cloud computing services, you pay for resources used on a per-second basis. Moreover, you can also get discounts when an application or service used by more customers on the web.

Main Services/Tools of Google Cloud Platform- Google cloud computing services

Google cloud computing services are vigorous and are available in different forms. You can consider the right solution based on your individual cloud computing needs. The main Google cloud computing services are as follows:

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

IaaS is a computing service that allows businesses and companies to run virtual machines and apps without investing and managing cloud infrastructures themselves. They can use IaaS to meet their temporary business needs

Platform as a service (PaaS)

It is the next step built on the IaaS model. Along with reaping the benefits of IaaS, a business can also use resources like middleware and operating systems provided by the vendor. The vendor is responsible to host and manage all the necessary elements when providing PaaS.

Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

It is one more step in the computing services as everything is available to customers via the internet. The vendor hosts, manage, and providers everything including software and apps. The user just needs to log-in to access the required resources.

Google Cloud Platform Certification – Google cloud computing certificates

Google also offers a variety of programs and certificates that are relevant to Google cloud platform (GCP). The programs include

  • Cloud infrastructure program
  • Data and machine learning program
  • App development
  • G suit administration etc.

Certificates that IT professionals can earn from Google Cloud platform are

  • Certified professional cloud architect
  • Certified G suit administrator
  • Certificate professional data engineer.

Google Cloud Platform Pricing- What you Need to Pay for Google Cloud Computing Services

The world’s leading cloud computing services provider GCP claims no advance payments, as they offer pay-as-you-go services. Furthermore, they also offer discounts when a hosted app, website, or system is used by more internet users.

Businesses are also able to leverage pricing calculator via their official website as it helps customers anticipate costs for Google cloud computing services they need to pay. Price of Google Cloud Platform varies by individual service. This means you can go through the platform for their offerings and evaluate the price structure accordingly to choose the right cloud computing services for the set budget plan.

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