In this digital era of life where web design trends are changing constantly, a website needs to be delivering its message more clearly while providing excellent and mobile-friendly user experience. Website design and development trends this year are an utter mix of excellent graphic design and continuously evolving technology.

Latest Web Design Trends To Inspire

In this post, I will discuss top web design trends that ensure clear, responsive, and uncluttered websites that are being rich with informative content and visuals.

1- Dark Mode

The dark mode is one of the top website design trends that has dominated in 2020 and its reign will remain for a couple of years to come. With top social media websites and apps like Facebook, Messenger, Website, and Google Chrome, even the latest release of Android and iOS, more and more websites are turning their lights off one after another to provide their users with a calming and smooth UX. From offering internet users with a more elegant and sleek browsing experience, to having a greater impact on the battery life of the devices and consumption of energy, offering dark mode on your website can improve user experience and make them stick around. As it is also named as night mode, it reduces the eyestrain and eases reading on the site by minimizing the use of light pixels and blue light on the screen.

2- 3D Elements

Thanks to the huge technological advancements, it is one of the best and most enticing web design trends this year. The use of appealing 3D elements on the site is not only fun but engage and keep your visitors on the site for longer. It could be greatly beneficial for online stores and e-commerce websites where the use of quality 3D imagery could help brands present their products from a variety of perspectives.

No doubt the 3D elements on the site are amazing, they are usually heavy to load and can have an impact on your page loading speed. That’s why don’t get overexcited with them and use them moderately to stand out without affecting your SEO efforts.

3- Custom Images

Custom drawings can add a unique and appealing sense of character to a website. By incorporating this web design trend in your Webdesign strategy, you can display your brand and make it memorable while creating a user friendly and easy to navigate business website. Whenever they will see one of your personalized images on another website, your brand will pop up in their minds and it will increase brand awareness too. Custom images on the website will not only help you stand out among competitors with your web design but will offer amazing marketing benefits as well.

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4- User-triggered Animation

With the advent of user-triggered animations such as clicking, and hovering, visitors’ actions on the site can bring alterations of size, color, or design on a website. And it is one of the top web design trends this year and beyond. These animations are great when you need to make your website more fascinating and alluring while keeping it elegant at the same time. However, you shouldn’t be using a lot of user-triggered animations as they can create confusion for your user due to changes on the site upon every mouse move.

5- Increased Focus on UX/UI

Modern web design in 2020 focuses more on humans and will become more important in years to come. The better UX a site will offer, the more traffic and engagement it will drive. A website must be smooth, uncluttered, and engaging in order to stand out. It must offer faster page load speed, easy navigation, little clutter, informative and scannable SEO content to keep visitors engaged for longer.

6- Chatbots

Due to the increasing use of chatbots, websites will more conversational than ever before. AI chatbots are one of the top web design trends as they offer 24/7 customer support and resolve customer queries in real-time even without human interaction. More and more businesses are integrating chatbots on their websites to provide their users with excellent experience and support around the clock.

7- Voice User Interface & Automated Assistants

Thanks to the AI and voice user interface technology, we will see an instant boost in the use of automated assistants on the websites. Voice user interface technology is gaining momentum this year and will become more important in years to come. Automated assistance will help disable peoples to interact with their favorite websites better.