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How to Watch Facebook Videos Offline without Using Data?


Facebook itself doesn’t allow its users to download Facebook videos. You can save the reels in your account and watch them when you get online.

So, what if you don’t have internet and you are willing to watch the saved videos? Is there any way that you can apply to view those reels without using data?

Of course, there is. 

A couple of ways can be effective in saving the reels from your Facebook account and keeping them in your gallery.

In this article, we will talk about these methods and also tell you which way is more effective to save fb videos.

Top Ways to Save Videos from Facebook

Although there are many ways that you can use to save Facebook videos, we will talk about the top two ways that can help you download reels on your device quickly. 

Have a look at these approaches.

Online FB Video Downloader

Using an online tool to download Facebook video is the most effective technique that many users love to go for. 

The reason is that this method is quite fast and can help you do the job without installing the tool in your system.

You have to paste the link of the videos in the URL box that you are looking to save on your device.

The best thing you will observe in this fb video downloader is that it never disturbs the quality of the reels. 

So, the video you get in your gallery will have the same resolution as the real one.

Furthermore, you can use this online tool on all devices no matter your operating system. 

Mobile Application

Another effective way to save Facebook videos is by using online mobile applications and transferring your favorite reels to your device.

The only additional thing that you have to do in the mobile application is that you have to install it on your device before downloading the videos from here.

Once you have installed this application on your device, you have to paste the link in the URL box and click on the download button. 

In a few seconds, you will have the reel in your gallery.

Which Way Is More Effective for Saving Reels from Facebook

Both the techniques that we have discussed in this article are quite effective but if you are looking for the best between these two, we will definitely go for an online FB video download tool.

Multiple reasons make it a better option than the mobile applications. 

Here we are going to tell you the benefits because of which online FB video saver is prioritized over mobile applications.

Top Benefits of FB Video Downloader

Have a look at the list of benefits that you can get from Facebook video downloader and make your working process simple.

  • No Installation

This is one of the most prominent benefits that you will get from FB video downloaders. Unlike mobile applications, there is no need to install it on your device.

Just open the web browser and search for the FB video downloader. 

Here you need to paste the link of the video that you are looking to save and it will be transferred to your gallery in a very short time.

  • Easy to Operate

The working process of an online FB video downloader is very simple. The reason is that you have to paste the link to the video in the URL box.

The tool will take a few seconds to download and transfer the video to your device.

  • Free of Cost

All the benefits you get in the online Facebook video downloader tool are free. 

There is no need to pay even a single penny for downloading Facebook reels.

So, this is an amazing way to save your money and keep your favorite reels in the device without spending any amount.

  • Unlimited Usage

There is no restriction to using online FB video savers for anyone. 

In fact, you can download unlimited reels and videos using the FB video saver and watch them without using your data.

  • Accessible on All Devices

Another top benefit that you get from FB video downloader is that you can open it on all devices regardless of the version or operating system.

No matter if you are opening this online tool on Mac, Windows, or Linux, it will work smoothly on all devices.

Working as Online FB Video Downloader

The working procedure of an online FB video saver is very easy. 

The reason is that it comes with a very simple interface that makes the working process quick and easy.

There are just a few steps that you have to follow for downloading reels from your Facebook account and keeping them in your gallery. 

Here we have discussed the process in detail that can help you save videos from Facebook easily.

  • Go to the search engine and look for the online FB video downloader.
  • Open the tool on your screen and see the URL box here.
  • Paste the link to the video that you are looking to download.
  • Now select the resolution of the video, i.e. 720p, 480p, 320p, and 144p.
  • Once you are done selecting the quality of the content, click on the download button.
  • In the next few seconds, you will have the video on your device that you can watch without using the internet.

Bottom Lines

You can’t download FB reels on your device directly as Facebook adds no such feature to save videos on your device. So, if you want to download the videos in your system and save your internet data, you need to get help from an fb video saver or mobile application. Furthermore, we have also discussed how the online Facebook video saver tool is a better option than the mobile application of fb video downloader.



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