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Contrary to what most people like to hear, White Tahoe Cookies are a strain that requires some growing experience. Generally, it is hard to grow strains, especially considering they are feminized seeds. Despite the same, this is one of the highly potent variants with low CBD.

It is also high yielding and suitable for people who like a highly potent weed. White Tahoe Cookies is a strain that is in demand and hence always stocked at AskGrowers and other such sites. Ordering seeds and starting your home growth has never been easier.

Basics about White Tahoe Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seed

Name: White Tahoe Cookies

Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

CBD Content: 0.40-5.70% 

THC Content: 22-28%

Type of Seed: Feminized

Average Yield: 150- 400grams

Ideal Growth Climate: Mediterranean

Reported Effects: Happiness, Relaxation, Creativity

Flavours: Spice, Diese, Wood, Herb

Parents: Tahoe OG, The White

Height: Medium

Ideal Environment: Indoors, Outdoors

Harvest Period: Mid- Late October, Early November

Period till Flowering: 8-10 WeeksGrowing Difficulty: Medium

Flavour and Characteristics of White Tahoe Cookies

One of the most crucial things needed to understand marijuana is the parents if it is a hybrid. White Tahoe Cookies is an Indica dominant hybrid combining Tahoe OG, The White, and an unknown cut from Girl Scouts Cookies. The composition of the plant in terms of the Indica dominant hybrid nature is that it has 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. 

These seeds have existed for decades, with their first appearance being in the 90s. They are feminized seeds, so farmers can rest easy knowing that all the plants will be female. Due to this feminized nature, the plant needs special growing requirements. The growing difficulty is medium and does require farmers to have some expertise in the marijuana growing sector. 

Regarding the general characteristics, it is essential to note that White Tahoe Cookies are a very potent variant of marijuana. The THC can go as high as 28% and as low as 22%. Conversely, the CBD is not as high, coming in at about 5%. The high potency of this strain is attributable to its parents, as they are all very high in THC. 

Despite the high THC content, White Tahoe Cookies boasts an Indica dominant feature that has some effects on the body. Characteristic of Indica strains, this one results in a relaxing body and mind high. This relaxation helps with muscle aches, pain relief, stress and anxiety, and other issues. Besides body relaxation, the Sativa part of the hybrid also affects the user. In the right amount, this weed type can cause creativity boosts, uplifted moods, and the like. 

A combination of all effects and also with the correct dose of White Tahoe Cookies also help people suffering from insomnia. Studies suggest that only mild doses should get taken for insomnia and sleep issues. This recommendation is because, in large quantities, cannabis is likely to cause sleeplessness. 

Lastly, in terms of flavour, the strain exhibits woody, citrussy, spicy, and herbal tones. Due to the OG status in one of the parents, it also has diesel and sweet undertones once the user smokes. It has a rich line of terpenes, contributing to its overall effect on the body. 

Growing Requirements

Regarding the growing requirements, it’s already stated that these weed seeds require some expertise. First and foremost, growing feminized seeds comes with a range of challenges. The biggest one is when the farmer needs to change the light settings to promote flowering. Inexperienced growers would not know when or how to change indoor grow light settings, delaying the whole flowering process. 

When considering the growing requirement, some things need to get addressed. One of them is the climatic conditions which in this case are the Mediterranean climate. By Mediterranean climate, we mean the plants require a temperature of about 72-82°F. Whenever the temperatures go any lower than 55°F, the plants do poorly. Other than the temperature, the climatic conditions also determine the needed humidity. For these seeds to grow into thriving plants, the humidity level needs to be 40%. 

Certain things are needed when growing these seeds in regions not of Mediterranean climatic conditions. Due to the heavy feeder nature of the plant, they need frequent nutrient feeding and water. With lighting, they need about 10-12 hours of light in a day. In cold regions, more strategies need to get put in place to protect the plants. Mulching is an excellent solution in the early stages of growth. With indoor growth, the management is more accessible as the grower can control light, temperature, and humidity settings, unlike the outdoors. 

Another appealing feature of this strain is that they are not usually prone to pests and diseases. The short, well-stacked shrubs protect the plant from pests, and the hybrid status makes them resilient to some diseases. It is also helpful to note that management will require constant trimming to prevent water accumulation on the leaves, which may lead to diseases. 

A healthy White Tahoe Cookies plant grows to about 4-5 feet tall. It is compact, which is characteristic of Indica strains. From the point of germination to flowering, it takes about 8-10 weeks. Its productivity rate can be between 5 and 14 ounces of weed buds. Ideally, these seeds thrive in outdoor areas or where they can access many nutrients.


How to Know Your White Tahoe Cookies Seeds are High Quality

Now that you know the effects and growing needs of the White Tahoe Cookies’ feminized seeds, the next important thing is learning to decipher their quality. Buying from reputable brands, in most cases, guarantees high-quality seeds. In some cases, the brands may sell you low-quality seeds. The following are some things you can consider to determine quality.

Colour and Appearance

The colour of cannabis seeds is one of the significant giveaways about their quality. High-quality weed seeds have a dark brown colour that may sometimes appear black. On top of that, the seed’s shell has line markings, making it look like a turtle shell or tiger stripes. Unhealthy seeds are green in colour.

Appearance, healthy and mature marijuana seeds have a wax-like appearance. They are shiny and appear to have a gloss-like cover over the contents. This wax-like cover protects the inner, more delicate parts of the seed. 

The feel of the Seeds

The feel of the seeds is another essential thing that can help determine quality. In typical cases, a well-treated seed is hard at the touch. Applying the pressure of the thumb and the index finger does not lead to a dent in healthy seeds. On the other hand, low-quality seeds easily dent at any slight pressure. This denting indicates that the inner parts are yet to get appropriately treated for seed preservation. 

Float Test

The float test is a farmer-led innovation created to ensure high-quality planting materials. As the name suggests, the procedure involves a jar of water and the seeds that are to get planted. The seeds get placed in the jar of water, and the farmer watches for floaters and sinkers. All the sink planting materials are of high quality and will mature into healthy plants. The low-quality ones tend to float, and the chances of them germinating and maturing are low. 


White Tahoe Cookies is a variant that suits people who love potent weed. The strain is an Indica dominant hybrid with parent stocks with similarly high THC levels. Due to its feminized nature and some growing needs, the plants have a medium growing capacity. Beginner farmers may fumble the process and end up with low yields. It is advisable to consult an agronomist or any other person with expertise in weed growing if your experience is lacking. Regardless of the growing requirement, it is easy to obtain high THC yields from its flowers with proper maintenance. 

This article was written by Lana Braslavska. Lana is a well-versed expert on all things cannabis. With a number of published articles on the topic, she writes on a number of topics at AskGrowers.



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