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How to Stay Focused and Keep Eyes Healthy when Working on the Computer


There are several professions that require you to spend a lot of hours in front of the computer screen throughout the day. Unfortunately, doing this for a long while can cause so many eye problems while making it hard to focus on work after a while. If someone spends a couple of uninterrupted hours in front of the computer screen, he/she may develop serious eye issues like CVS (computer vision syndrome). Headache, double vision, dizziness, and blurred vision are some common symptoms of this medical issue. Furthermore, spending a long time in front of the computer also makes you less active to neglect your overall health.

Tips to Stay Focused When Working on the Computer

To help you improve focus and improve eye health, below we have shared some practical tips to stay focused when working on a computer without having an impact on your eyes’ health and vision.

Take Care of your Eyes

Your eyes are the most important part of your body and take a huge hit when you constantly work in front of the computer. That’s why you need to take good care of this great blessing of God while performing your job in the office or working from home. You can do this by making an effort to blink more often during work. Starring at the screen for a long time can cause you to forget to blink which results in blurry vision.

Following the 20-20-20 rule is also a good idea to keep your eyes healthy while working on the computer. After staring at the screen for 2o minutes, try to gaze at a greeny object for 2o seconds sited at least 20 feet away. It helps you give some rest to your eye so you can restart the work with improved focus. Medical experts also suggest going outside during break time. It allows you to enjoy nature’s love and give your eyes complete rest from the glare of the computer screen.

Invest in a Pair of Block the Blue Light Glasses

Whether it is your duty to stick to the computer for long hours or you spend your free time enjoying mobile gaming or favorite TV shows, then it is the right time to invest in the custom-made block the blue light glasses. Blue light is not a bad thing in itself. It plays a considerable role in how our organisms function, helping improve memory and elevate mood. Most importantly blue light regulates our circadian rhythm.

That’s why custom-made glasses designed by mGeek block the blue light intelligently in a way that allows its beneficial part to pass through the lenses and filter its harmful spectrum. These glasses smartly improve the contrast for easier viewing and reduce eye strain while working in front of the computer for hours every day.

Adjust the Brightness of the Computer Screen

Adjusting the brightness of your computer screen doesn’t take time but it can help you improve focus on work and keep your eyes comfortable. Reduce the brightness of the screen to prevent yourself from constant exposure to excessive screen light. Reduce the color temperature of your computer screen to enjoy eye comfort and an enhanced viewing experience.

Try to find the eye care or blue light filter mode on your computer and turn it on. It provides a calming viewing experience by filtering the harmful aspects of the blue light. If the fonts of a website are hard to read, you should increase the font size on your web browser to read its contents easily. Also, sit an arm’s length away from your computer screen as it helps you avoid screen glare effects. All the above-mentioned practices can increase eye comfort and improve focus on work as well.

Take Regular Breaks to Unwind

Watching the computer screen for long hours not only puts strain on your eyes and back but it can have an effect on your mind too. It can make you feel more stressed, anxious, and tired. Taking regular breaks during work is the only way to give your eyes, back, and brain complete rest and refill the energy for improved focus on work. So, take regular breaks and spend quality time with your colleagues by asking about their progress, future plans, and issues they might be facing in the office. Playing a short game that keeps you physically active is another best way to get the most out of your break. By doing so, you will feel refreshed and can start work with improved mood and focus.

Stand Up and Stretch

Sitting in front of the computer for hours makes you physically inactive. Inactivity can cause several medical issues like chronic pain, obesity, and diabetes, etc. That’s why you should not stay seated for 2 hours regularly. Make sure to stay physically active for at least 5 minutes after 2 hours of constant seating. Stand up, leave your desk to drink water, and stretch your arms, legs, and back for 5 minutes or more. To do so, you can go on a quick office walk, visit your colleague’s desk to discuss the issues, or go to the kitchen for quick healthy snacks. Going out for lunch instead of ordering food online is another good way to keep yourself active in the office.

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