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Student Entrepreneurs: Successful Stories and Challenges


When people are talking about the best time to start thinking about their business, there are always two main opinions. The first one is that it’s never late. You can see hundreds of examples of different actors, writers, actors, business people who made the first move when they were 40+, or 50, or even later. It is never too late to follow your dream, so if you want to be an entrepreneur, you should not think about your age or about all those possible obstacles; you should elaborate on the plan and follow it. Another popular opinion is that the earlier you start, the better because this way, you will have enough time to recover from a possible failure and more time to enjoy the results of your hard work in case of success.

In this article, we would like to talk about those entrepreneurs who have started making the first steps as students in order to understand the reasons for their success.

Why should you start now?

If you have doubts about whether to start your business or start-up now, it’s better to forget about it. Yes, there are, of course, a lot of other businesses that can turn into your competitors, but at the same time, just consider how many opportunities the modern world gives. With the development of the Internet, the research process is becoming considerably easier; you can, as well, have access to a lot of different information, databases, and materials that will make the process of founding your start-up easier. The most important thing is to have an idea that can change the world. Just try to focus on your dream and solve all the possible difficulties that can occur on your way. In most cases, students lack time because they have a lot of tasks to do; and when you understand that you have to write six or seven essays in a row, it’s very difficult to concentrate on your business plan. So, sometimes it’s to look for some reliable writing service and write them “do my essay for me cheap“, and the free time you will get, spend on research and working hard on your project.

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Successful Entrepreneurs    

It is always rather easy to distinguish successful entrepreneurs, as they all have a lot in common. The most important one is that they want to change the world around them. In most cases, in order to make someone use your product, it is not enough just to make a good service, product, or whatever; you have to make people believe that they need this thing; you should learn how to influence people and change their mindset. Of course, progress and innovations in industries are very important, but at some point, it can be very difficult to invent something new and to make huge progress steps. But the most successful world’s business leaders, first of all, were developing themselves and such qualities as unconditional self-belief. So now let’s look at a few examples of famous entrepreneurs who started making their first steps when still students. 

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Elon Musk

For sure, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know Elon Musk. He was making his first business steps when he co-founded an online bank that later became part of PayPal (so, yeah, every time you use this system, you can think some of its parts were created by one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the modern world). After that, there was Tesla with a very ambitious dream to shift society creating a world where people would live in houses and use cars that are charged with sustainable energy. And not so many people know that it all started when Elon Musk came to the US to become a Bachelor of Science at the University of Pennsylvania.

Marc Zuckerberg 

 When we are talking about success, it is impossible not to mention Marc Zuckerberg. He is maybe the most famous US entrepreneur in the sphere of programming and social media. What is so remarkable about him? Well, if you use Facebook if you use Instagram and Threads, and you know what Meta is, then the answer is pretty obvious. This guy, when still in Harvard (which he actually dropped afterward), created and launched Facebook from his dormitory together with some of his roommates. This simple thing now put him in the top position of the list of the richest people in the world. Of course, the opinions might be very different about him, but it’s hard to deny that his inner entrepreneurial feeling turned him into one of the most successful people nowadays. The fact that, for example, Facebook is pre-installed on many devices nowadays only proves how powerful Zuckerberg is.

In a nutshell, we can recommend not to be afraid of trying and to get inspiration from successful entrepreneurs that show us how to reach our aims.    



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