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Is it Relevant to Create a Doctor Appointment Booking App in 2023?


Creating a doctor appointment booking app is highly relevant these days. Due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic, people have begun to avoid visiting clinics for fear of contracting the infection. Thus, many medical facilities have switched to an online landscape.

It also simplifies and speeds up the process of getting medical care. Users can easily and quickly find free time without wasting time calling clinics and waiting in line.

Such apps also allow for managing schedules and controlling free time, which increases efficiency.

Such an app can be useful for those traveling or in another city. They can easily find a doctor or medical institution in the right place. This idea is a current and in-demand trend in the field of medicine and information technology.

Top 7 most popular doctor appointment booking apps 

Many apps offer different functionality and benefits. Below are 7 of the most popular that you can consider when developing your unique concept:

  • Zocdoc
  • Doctolib
  • Practo
  • HealthTap
  • MyChart
  • Curofy
  • Teladoc

Each app has different features and benefits, but they all provide convenient and quick access to services.

Pros and cons of doctor appointment booking app

It is important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of such apps. This will allow you to work out your idea better and avoid many potential problems. 


  • Convenience and speed — the ability to quickly find free time.
  • Ability to search for the right specialists — Users can search for specialists by specialty, area, rating and other parameters.
  • Storage of medical history, prescriptions and test results in one place.
  • Reminders of upcoming schedule control.
  • Accessibility — Services are available in multiple languages, making them accessible to users worldwide.

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  • Not everyone can access a modern mobile device or use the doctor appointment booking app due to age, health or Internet availability limitations.
  • Not all doctors may be available for booking through the app, and many users may not find the right doctor in the list of available doctors.
  • Limited functionality — Some apps may limit users’ ability to search for specialists, access information, or store data.
  • Privacy risks as user data is stored online and can be subject to cyberattacks or data breaches.

Necessary features for any modern product

In fact, you can come up with brand-new features and functionality. We suggest a few key features that should be included in any modern doctor appointment booking app:

  • Search — the app should provide the ability to search by various parameters, such as specialty, location, rating, and availability.
  • The ability to make appointments at their convenience and receive appointment confirmation through the app.
  • You should allow users to cancel visits and provide appropriate options for rescheduling consultations.
  • App confirmation notifications, reminders, and other notifications related to visits.
  • Function to store information such as charts, prescriptions, and test results.
  • Ability to conduct online consults from the comfort of your own home.
  • A rating and review feature to help others choose the best specialists.
  • Payments for services through the app, which makes the payment process easier.
  • The app should be available on a variety of platforms.
  • High data security and privacy standards.

The process of creating a doctor appointment booking app 

It is a complex process that involves several steps. Below are the general steps to go through when creating such a project:

  • Market research and definition of requirements. It is necessary to conduct market research and find out what software products already exist and what features they offer. You also need to define the requirements and functions the platform should include.
  • Concept design. You need to develop the concept and design based on the identified requirements. This includes creating the user interface, selecting color schemes and fonts, and developing a logo and other design elements.
  • Backend and frontend development. You must create the server part to process the user’s data and interact with the database. The client part which will represent the user interface and make sure the interaction with the server, must also be developed.
  • Integration of third-party services. To create a complete product, you must integrate third-party services like payment, notification, and analytics systems.
  • Testing and debugging. After the development is done, testing and debugging is necessary to make sure that all the functions work properly and that the system is error-free.
  • Release. After testing and debugging, the app is ready to be released. You need to put it in the app stores and start attracting users.
  • Support and further development. Once the app is released, it must be supported and further developed. This includes updating the app, fixing bugs, and adding new features in response to user requirements.

Why do doctor appointment booking apps make life easier?

Doctor appointment booking apps make lives easier for several reasons. In the past, patients had to call the clinic or go to the front desk in person. This could be very inconvenient and time-consuming. Everyone can quickly and conveniently choose a specialist and time without leaving home.

Smartphones are available 24/7, making such projects convenient for patients who can’t make during office hours. They are also convenient for doctors, who can be notified of new consultations outside office hours.

For physicians, using the app can greatly increase their efficiency. They can better plan their schedules, minimize time spent on administrative work, and increase time spent on consultations.

Doctor appointment booking apps can also improve communication. Patients can receive notifications and reminders about their consultations, and they can quickly contact them if they have any questions.

Overall, doctor appointment booking apps simplify the process, making it more accessible, convenient, and efficient for both target audience categories. And with a responsible approach to realizing your idea and the proper investment, you can create a sought-after topical product. The main thing to try to make sure that your final product does not look formulaic. 



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