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How to Use Instagram to Improve your Wix Website Design


There are a lot of skilled professionals and businesses around the world. But how do they make sure to reach their potential clients at the right time?

The only way is to build an online presence.

Let us outline.
The ongoing trends suggest that no matter what business niche people belong to, they like to have a website or a digital portfolio. This works as an online representation of their business.

This is where Wix comes into the picture. Wix is the easiest website-building platform and it provides total creative control over the website. Luckily as a business owner, you do not have to sacrifice the power of customizability. And to improve the visual appeal of your website, many might suggest adding images and videos. And that might be the right suggestion. But it might happen that you aren’t able to find more creative or unique visual content for your website.

And hence we can use Instagram. Instagram doesn’t need any introduction, and we are all aware it is a hub of such content that can engage viewers and impress them.

And what is more impressive than Instagram becoming a part of your Wix website?

Allow us to explain.
To improve the overall look of your website, you can embed Instagram on the Wix website.

So if you have a Wix website and you are keen to use Instagram to improve your website design, then you are reading the right blog.

Use Instagram To Improve Your Wix Website Design

You can embed stunning galleries of Instagram content on website. You can use any social media aggregator tool to craft splendid visually appealing Instagram feeds on Wix Website.

There are so many ways you can improve your website design using Instagram. To make things simpler for you, we have created a list. In this list, we have listed some of the amazing and efficient ways you can use Instagram to improve your Wix website design.

Instagram Hashtag Feeds

Hashtags are everywhere. Literally everywhere. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, hashtags have helped businesses to be discoverable. This is because hashtags are trendy and clickable.
The first step to embedding an Instagram hashtag feed as a business is to launch a branded hashtag. This will help you collect all the content under your hashtag. This can be a Reel, an Instagram post, or even an Instagram Story.
Apart from that, you can also showcase any past successful hashtag campaign. This will help you build social proof for your business.

Mention Feeds

Do you know that with 42 thousand mentions in 2022 Zara was the most mentioned brand on Instagram?

Instagram users frequently share their content about the brands they have purchased from. They love to share unboxing videos and discuss the features of the products. You can easily leverage this opportunity and showcase this content on your website.

When your target customer sees such content on your website by real customers, it helps them to make purchasing decisions faster. Apart from that, it promotes user-generated content. As a result, many customers will be motivated to create content for your brand and get featured on the official website.

Handle Feeds

If you are looking for a way to add content to your Instagram account, then Handle feeds is a great way to do that. This way you can display the content you have uploaded on your Instagram, making it visible to a larger audience.
Apart from that, any content from your business account makes it more authoritative and trustable for your customers.
For example, suppose your Instagram account contains some positive reviews or testimonials about your business as a repost. When you showcase this content, it helps you build authority.

One pro tip, you can also embed your brand ambassadors’ handles on your website.

Instagram Reels Feed

There is no debate that Instagram Reels are popular these days. It has helped many companies to reach wider audiences. As a matter of fact, videos are the most customer-friendly content on the internet. Apart from being visually engaging, Videos help the customer to understand your brand in a better manner.
Thus, we recommend you have an Instagram Reels feed on a website. This way you can engage your visitors for a longer time on your website. So apart from being visually pleasing, it will also provide great

Sidebar Feeds

Another efficient and effective way to improve your Wix website design is to use the Sidebar feed on website. By now it is clear that Instagram is a visual-based platform. Since the feed you will embed will appear on either the sides or every page of your website, it will help you have a greater impact on the audience.
You can also add some amazing facts about your business in a visually engaging manner. This will help the customers to connect with your brand on a deeper level. Apart from that, you can also show some discount codes in sidebar feeds.

Wrapping Up

Wix is a totally beginner-friendly website-building platform. It uses the drag-and-drop technique. This means you do not need to code to make a website. The templates provided by Wix are visually stunning and help you grab the attention of visitors in no time. It’s like icing on the cake when you use Instagram to improve your Wix website design.

All you need is a super responsive social media aggregator tool that helps you personalize your Instagram feeds. And half your war is won.

We are at the end of this blog. We hope that this blog will help you reach your desired goal. If it does, let us know in the comments section below.

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