Since the logo is an integral part of business branding, it must be unique, appealing, and memorable as well. Designing a logo for your startup or brand could be a time taking task that requires more creativity, attention, and focus. You may also need professional graphic design skills if you want to create one for your business. However, you can also hire a graphic designer to get the job done proficiently. If you are unable to hire a designer or cannot design a logo yourself due to a lack of designing expertise, you can still design a professional-looking logo with Smashing Logo.

What is Smashing Logo?

Smaching Logo is an online automated logo maker that lets you ‘design a logo you love’ (it is their brand slogan as well). This is the best way to design professional-looking, creative and memorable logos with no graphic design expertise and experience. You can start using SmashingLogo online logo maker for free and then buy a premium plan to access its premium designing features and logo templates. The platform doesn’t require you to sign up for an account unlike other logo designing services do.

Smashing Logo Features

SmashingLogo is one of the best online logo makers and comes with an easy-to-use interface. It can put the designing process on autopilot. Below are some amazing features that make Smashing Logo unique from its competitors.

Ease of Use

The user interface of this logo designer is clutter-free and very easy to use. You just need to type your business name in the typing bar and hit the ‘Generate’ button to get started. You can see this in the following screenshot.

By doing so, you will be provided with automatically generated logo ideas that you can customize with a variety of options available. You can customize the logo with your slogan, brand attributes, industry, icons, colors, fonts and logotypes etc.

SMASHING LOGO designed logos can be downloaded in PNG format on the cheapest plan. You can get your logo PDF and EPS versions by upgrading from free to a Business plan.

No Sign-Up Required

The best thing about Smashing Logo is that there is no need to create an account to use this logo designing service. The platform uses methods like cookies and local storage to remember its users. In this way, the site will keep your generated logos for almost two weeks to help you design what you want and love to design.

This means, you can revisit the site anytime within two weeks to get your already designed logo back with no hassle.

Loads of Possibilities

There is a larger library of icons, letters, elements and arts that you can use in your logos. The logo designing platform allows you to create logos in different types including name, monogram, and icon. Furthermore, you can also hire virtual designers to get the logo designing project done proficiently. You can check online portfolios of designers available on the platform and then hire the right fit as per your individual designing needs.

Some Custom Logo Design Included in the Smashing Logo Premium Plan

When you are using Smashing Logo to design a logo you love, you may not be able to access some custom logo designing features. But you can get them all in a premium plan. As it is mentioned above, you can also ask the SmashingLogo team to personalize your logo on your behalf. If you want them to make complicated changes in the log, you may need to upgrade from free plan to a premium. Premium plans come with one hour of free design support from professionals.

Real Time Design Preview

The logo maker offers a quick sharing feature that lets you share a quick preview of your logo to different social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp. This helps you get feedback from your colleagues, team members, or fellows before you pay for the logo. However, the preview will have a watermark in itself. This means you cannot use the logo officially anywhere until you pay for it.

Final Verdict

Smashing Logo is a popular online logo designing service with 4.9 rating on Capterra. You can also read client testimonials and reviews on their official site before you make a final decision about use of the service.