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Why NOT To Buy Instagram Followers- Everything You Need To Know


Instagram has totally transformed the way content is shared on social media platforms. It allows users to share useful content in the form of images, videos, text, and other content via stories or broadcasts. It could be an opportunity for brands and companies to promote products while at the same time building popularity and recognition of their brands among the public.

On Instagram, an individual, brand, or influencer is considered to be more popular with the higher number of followers it has. But growing IG followers is harder than ever before. That’s why people buy Instagram followers to become popular on this awesome social media site. They do this because it is a simpler and easier way to increase fame and visibility on this social platform.

How they Buy Instagram Followers

When it comes to growing Instagram accounts with more followers and likes, there are two commonly used methods to grow a fake follower base:

1) Create a lot of fake accounts and use them to follow and like your business profile & posts
2) Buy Instagram followers by subscribing to a service that uses Instagram bots to follow and like Instagram account

The first method of growing IG follower count is a little bit tedious and doesn’t help you create more interactions and engagement. That’s why most of the brands and businesses buy IG followers from service providers to make their accounts grow.

Buy Instagram Followers

4 Solid Reasons NOT to buy Instagram followers

Poor Engagement Rates

It makes sense that buying Instagram followers doesn’t offer a significant boost in engagement. There are a lot of brands and small businesses with thousands of fresh follows but zero engagement on their posts. Most of the companies charge their customers separately for engagement. Poor engagement rate is one of the reasons you should not buy Instagram followers to get quick fame but moves slow and steady for growth of your IG account to get lasting results.

Ruining Your Brand Reputation

If there are thousands of followers on your Instagram profiles but you are getting just a few likes and comments on your posts, your presence on this social media site is going to look doubtful. Consumers are smart these days and they can easily differentiate the organically grown profiles and accounts who are buying paid (fake) followers. So, if you want your existing and potential customers to trust you, don’t buy Instagram followers and boost your account by providing your target audience with engaging and interesting content.

Instagram Might Suspend your Account

Instagram is a digital channel where people are likely to spend more time not only to connect with families & friends but to buy required stuff online as well. That’s why changes in IG’s algorithms are made regularly to provide users with something valuable and real. When they see an unusual increase in followers or likes of an account, they might suspend that account for spamming or fake activity. Fake accounts are purged by the platform on a regular basis, so if you buy Instagram followers to get a quick boost, chances of getting your account terminated will also higher.

Potential Customers Won’t Trust You

If your potential customers come across your IG account and suspicious that you buy Instagram followers to boost your repute, chances are they will not trust you. Numbers are not everything. Fake followers are unable to increase engagement and conversion rates. That’s why, experts always recommend growing Instagram account organically by providing your audience with interesting, informative, and relevant content on a regular basis to make them stick around for longer.

Noman Sarwar
Noman Sarwar
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