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What is MicroStrategy? Features, Capabilities, and Everything you Need to Know


Business intelligence is a technology that helps businesses and organizations organize data generated by their systems so it can be analyzed efficiently. Executives and decision-makers can dig deeper into the available data to make productive decisions for better business growth. Improved and informed decision making is just one benefit of BI, there are a lot more to discuss.

There are so many BI (business intelligence) tools out there in the market that are helpful for brands and companies to stand out and make the most of revenue streams. MicroStrategy is a leading BI software to organize, analyze, manage, and visualize business data in the best possible way.

What is MicroStrategy?

MicroStrategy is an enterprise business intelligence (BI) software that offers a wide variety of data-analytics aptitudes for small businesses and larger organizations. This is the best BI application software used by companies around the globe to find useful insights in business data analysis with help of its powerful business intelligence features like data sighting, advanced analytics, data visualizations, reporting, and a lot more. MicroStrategy is an amazing tool that provides useful information over the web and mobile devices. In this way, brands and organizations can effectively analyze both internal and external data to use it for increased productivity and improved performance.

MicroStrategy provides its users with interactive dashboards, highly formatted data reports, thresholds and alerts, and automated report distribution. Moreover, you can also integrate this amazing BI tool into Microsoft Office to collect, organize, and analyze business data with no trouble.

How MicroStrategy Works?

MicroStrategy is a data analytics software that is used for both business data mining and visualization. It comes with awesome features to import data from a variety of systems and sources to organize, analyze, and process data on a single dashboard. It can be used as both cloud-based or on-premises BI software to make data mining easier than ever before. The best thing about MicroStrategy is that you can easily integrate it with third-party business solutions and apps for easier data collection and analysis.  

MicroStrategy makes it easy for businesses to leverage all their investments with a lot of connectors and gateways to the most common business data sources and systems. It easily connects to any business software solution or system, import data, and tell a whole story about your business to help you make informed decisions.

Amazing Features of MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy is an extremely powerful BI data analytics and reporting tool capable of generating 1000’s of personalized reports to a lot of users. It also empowers business owners and decision-makers with self-service analytics to help them make productive decisions and develop profitable strategies. Here are some of the amazing features of MicroStrategy every business owner should know.

Easier Data Discovery

MicroStrategy makes data discovery a lot easier for small businesses and larger organizations. Its smart BI procedure enables it to import/extract data from different sources in easily accessible formats. It eliminates the need of using third-party software or apps for data collection to help you save a lot of business bucks.

Data Mining and Predictive Analysis

MicroStrategy makes the data mining process easier and effective. It offers intuitive data mining features like reports exclusively generated for experts and general users. Moreover, it also generates predictive analysis reports that decision-makers can use to make productive and informed decisions based on numbers. You can also distribute those data reports to a number of users on different devices.

Effective Data Wrangling

Data Wrangling is a process of cleansing and adjusting business information and data into a format that can easily be adjusted for better service insights. MicroStrategy allows its users to structure, clean, and adjust data accordingly for better BI reporting and analytics.

Real-time MicroStrategy Dashboards

MicroStrategy comes with real-time dashboards that are easy to use and operate. They allow you to work with real-time data and information. In this way, executives and decision-makers can keep proper track of business data in real-time to stay on top of things. As a result, they can get regular updates with the most recent business information that can be used to deal with a variety of situations in the best possible way.

Closed-loop BI

Closed-loop BI is a process of transforming a BI report’s data into collaborative reports that allow businesses to capture information and data to leverage their decisions and actions. It also offers greater support to the relevant business data source. Closed-loop business intelligence can be used in inventory reports.

MicroStrategy & Big Data

MicroStrategy is a leading BI suite that allows you to manage and analyze Big Data such as complex structured (revenue reports) and non-structured (consumer behavior reports) data more effectively to provide you with useful insights into business data and information. In this way, businesses and organizations can easily organize and analyze larger portions of their data more effectively.

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