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5 Simple Yet Proven Ways to Grow Your Email List


Since email marketing is one of the best digital marketing techniques to reach the target audience, a growing email list has become a top priority for brands and businesses to reach their marketing objectives effectively.

Hence, it is not an easy task to grow your email list in a particular industry or niche. But not impossible too!

For faster and better growth, a brand needs to clearly communicate the value and provide its customers with several ways to subscribe to the email list before they bounce away.

What is an Email List?

An email list is a collection of customers’ email addresses that a business or company can create via a variety of lead generation campaigns like content marketing, social media and search engine marketing, etc. Email lists usually shrink over time when members opt out of subscriptions. However, businesses can effectively grow their lists by soliciting contact information and details from both existing and potential customers visit their website or social media profiles.

Best Five Ways of Building Your Email List

This article includes some tested and simple ways to grow your email list that are very easy to implement and drive better outcomes.

1 Creating a Pop-Up Lightbox on Your Website

The use of an appealing pop-up lightbox on your website or blog is one of the best ways to effectively grow your email list. This is a marketing approach where a business presents its message directly to website visitors when they are looking for useful information or details.

A creatively placed pop-up lightbox encourages website visitors to sign up for an email subscription for more info. Properly used lightbox not only helps you get more subscribers to your email list but improves user experience as well. In order to get better outcomes, allow your visitors to spend some time on your website or landing page before the lightbox appears. You can also use them as an exit-intent popup.

2 Content Upgrades

Internet users are more likely to share their contact details like email IDs when you offer them with something useful for free. Offering free content upgrades is an excellent idea to collect more email IDs to grow your list greatly. In this way, you give your visitors free materials or information when they subscribe to your email list. Content may include learning material, industry updates, case studies or eBooks, etc.

3 Encourage Your Users to Share Your Email

Make your emails easily shareable by adding social share buttons in them. In this way, your customers or email subscribers can easily share your informative emails with their friends and family to help you reach a broader audience. It will not only help you get new email subscribers but will boost website traffic as well. Make sure to add email subscription link and your website URL at the end of each email to make subscription process easier for new readers/users. Using an appealing and detailed email signature full of useful links is a great idea to encourage more people to subscribe to your list.

4 Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Email List

Billions of users are active on different social media sites daily. That’s why it could be a great idea to use your social media profiles to get more users to subscribe to your email list. Just provide them with interesting, useful, and informative content and ask them to subscribe to your list. So they can get the latest updates and information right in their email inboxes. Furthermore, you can also run social media contests to grow your email list effectively.

5 Use Discounts and Deals

Offering something of value for free or for less is a great way to attract more people towards your brand or business. Free coupons or discounted deals can successfully influence customer to take an action. So, offer your audience discounts or special deal for the sake of their email IDs. You can do this easily on your WordPress website by using WooCommerce plugin. Social media is another best digital channel to grab attention of target audience via special offers and discounted deals with an intention to grow your email list.

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Ahmad Sultan
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