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Pinterest Marketing Tips- Strategic Ways To Use Pinterest For Your Business


No matter you are an entrepreneur, start-up, marketer, artist, or seller, Pinterest could be an excellent platform to promote your brand effectively. Pinterest is a powerful yet underestimated digital platform when it comes to driving more traffic to a business website or blog. The site was originally known as a place to find mouthwatering recipes, DIY how-to guides, home décor ideas, and fashion trends, it covers a wide range of topics and industries. In short, Pinterest is a significant traffic driver for both business owners and marketers.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media site where people explore, store, and share visual content including images and videos they find useful, interesting, and entertaining. It is also known as the largest visual search engine as it has millions of photos, graphics, and links in its database related to nearly anything in day to day life. That’s why it is considered a goldmine for brands and businesses to boost their exposure and build a strong social media presence.

What Is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest marketing is all about creating and optimizing business profile on Pinterest with an intention to promote your brand or business either to increase brand awareness, drive more organic (and paid) traffic to your blog/website, or to generate more leads & sales. Modern internet users call Pinterest the most popular and largest visual search engine around the globe. That’s why Pinterest marketing could be a superb idea for marketers and business owners to reach their target audience in a more interesting way.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy- How to Do it Right

As a good strategy can make or break your efforts, creating a demonstrated Pinterest marketing strategy makes sense for your business to chase desired marketing outcomes with this platform. Here we have listed some of the best Pinterest marketing tips to help you get started rightly with Pinterest.

Get the Pinterest Basics Right

Before diving deeper to get the most out of your Pinterest marketing efforts, you need to do some housekeeping first. You can start by creating a Pinterest business account. If you have a personal one, you can easily convert it into a business account. It will provide you with awesome features like Pinterest Analytics, Ads manager and rich pins, etc. Choose a keyword rich & SEO friendly user name for your account and optimize it with alluring and interesting visuals (display picture and banner). Fill in the ‘About’ section with relevant and detailed information about your brand or business to let people know who you are.

Create Your First 5 Boards

Start pinning interesting, informative, and relevant visuals by creating the first 5 boards about topics and subjects that your audience would love to engage with. Craft keyword-rich board names and descriptions to boost your visibility in Pinterest search. It will help Pinterest users to find your business or brand by using keywords in your board title and description. Once done, add a few pins to each board so your followers will be able to find interesting stuff.

Create vertical images to get Better Outcomes

Images to be pinned on Pinterest should be long and narrow to stand out. Using the right size (usually 735 by 1102 px) allows you to create visuals that look awesome and alluring on this visual search engine. It makes everything on your visual easy to view and read. Moreover, it also creates an engaging invitation to repin your content so you can get more exposure.

Pinterest marketing Tips

Engage with your Audience on a More Personal Level

Everyone starts with little. Maybe you don’t have a lot of followers at the start but you should start better with a few of them. Be quick to react and respond to their comments on your pins. Sending direct messages with appropriate wording is also a great way to engage with your Pinterest audience on a more personal level. Reach out to new followers and send them thank you notes who have followed you and repined your content.

Spy Your Competitors

Spying on your competitors should be a vital aspect of your Pinterest marketing strategy to get the most out of your efforts. Find your competitors on Pinterest and follow them. It will help you understand their marketing tactics and learn from their activities. Moreover, getting a follow back from your competitors encourages cross-promoting to reach a wider audience.

Join Community Boards

Joining community boards is one of the best Pinterest marketing tips. Pinterest also allows you to invite others to join and contribute to different boards. By joining the most relevant community boards, you can get your content in front of a wider and brand-new audience. However, you should read the rules and conditions carefully before joining a community to make sure you will obey all the rules to contribute more effectively.

Consistency is the Key

Consistency in pinning interesting images and videos makes your Pinterest marketing strategy more effective. Uploading and pinning fresh and interesting content on a regular basis improves the quality and authority of your profile. It is the place where the content scheduling feature of Pinterest comes in handy. It allows you to schedule fresh content so you can get it published consistently even without worrying about the time. You can schedule pins for a particular time and day when you want to get it published automatically.

Noman Sarwar
Noman Sarwar
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