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How To Develop A Parking App: Everything you Should Know


Digital solutions provide more than just convenience to our daily lives. They facilitate the expansion of business opportunities and enable the establishment of business processes, even in situations where they are intricate and convoluted. Digitalization has significantly impacted nearly every aspect of human existence, and its influence is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

Please clarify the subject matter under discussion. The subject matter pertains to individuals’ everyday activities and certain technological remedies that render them more convenient to handle. An instance of a software application could be a parking app. Utilizing the following features will speed up the parking process:

  • A quicker parking spot search
  • Credit card payment options
  • A streamlined car retrieval process among many parked cars

This article provides information on car parking app development and is recommended for those seeking further knowledge. This document provides an overview of various types of parking applications, the fundamental principles of their functionality, the steps involved in developing a car parking application, and additional related information. Initiate the journey.

Using a Parking App

The parking app functionality is a fairly straightforward concept. An app first introduces search capabilities. Users can search for local parking lots or enter specific addresses for parking lots.

Users can filter options and select the best if several are in a given district. Once they’ve decided, they can reserve a parking space. They can pay immediately using Internet banking or pay later with cash (or a QR code) after parking their car.

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Last but not least, they see parking directions from their current location. Since the space is already reserved and won’t be used, there is no need to drive as quickly as you can. So, this is a brief sequence of actions that drivers should adhere to. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

How Parking Applications Collect Information

Install sensors or manually track vacant and occupied locations. Sensors are easier than manual labor.

Ultrasonic distance devices or cameras are mounted around the parking lot or on the roof of a garage. Cameras let you and users view a car’s brand, model, and plate number, making it easier to discover.

Analytics can leverage parking garage data. Advanced apps collect and analyze data for statistical tables and demand forecasts. It tracks occupancy, sales, parking, etc.

Problems That the Parking Application Can Fix

Due to their ability to solve various problems and offer numerous prospects for parking business growth, parking apps are extremely popular nowadays. Let’s examine some of the most popular choices.

  • Availability of parking. Drivers spend less time driving about and looking for a spot because it assists them in finding open parking spaces in real time.
  • Management. These applications offer a wide range of features for effective parking management, including reserving parking spaces in advance and monitoring parking demand and supply.
  • Congested roads. Here, everything is easy. A parking app helps ease congestion in congested locations by facilitating drivers’ search for open parking spaces.
  • Overcrowding. By enabling vehicles to see how many parking points are available before they arrive, it helps to prevent congestion at busy locations like on-street parking.
  • Complex regulations. The infrastructure and sizes of each parking lot vary. As a result, the guidelines for use may also change. Drivers frequently experience confusion or annoyance when, for example, it appears that the location only offers short-term parking. To save employees and drivers time, the mobile application assists in educating them about the laws in advance.
  • Cost reduction. Effective parking software can help you save money by letting you know where to park for the least amount of money and nearest your location.
  • Increased user comfort. Drivers can locate, reserve, and pay for parking spaces with the help of a well-designed smartphone application, all without having to deal with parking meters or other mechanical devices.

Lastly, by decreasing the time spent driving about looking for a parking spot, such digital solutions have a significant positive environmental impact. It aids in lowering greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Parking App Plan

Business models always precede auto parking app development. It specifies product functionality to suit all needs and allow for future development. Parking-sharing and tracking apps need business models.

Since parking software is common, you should research competitors’ business methods. Parking apps use three main models.

Navigation model. Some parking apps use this. Parking lots may be nearby. Such apps help you find parking since you can’t reserve a spot. Your MVP may also use this business model.

Booking-based navigation. Advanced booking and navigation model. Reserve a slot and park a car there. Navigation guides users to a reservation. These apps allow cashless or cash-on-arrival payments.

Full-service model. The most expensive business strategy incorporates all cool parking app features. If late, users can extend their booking time. Some apps offer valet parking. You may check a valet’s background to ensure your car’s safety.

Application Types For Parking

To provide your potential consumers with a full range of parking app benefits, you must know what applications are available and which would work for you. This component is crucial to market entry.

Parking App

You want to make a parking app. You can build a parking lot from scratch. Your fence, mark, and rent-free space. You then create a fully functional parking app. You can also create a few citywide parking lots that your app will manage.

ParkShare App

A shared parking app lets enterprises, hotels, and others share allocated parking spaces. The software optimizes parking space use and prevents idling. They save money and improve parking lot efficiency.

This type of parking app lets customers reserve places and more. They track empty parking spaces and notify users. The program also tracks space usage and creates parking plans.

Chats for users who share parking spaces, maps of charging stations and spaces for disabled drivers, statistics and analytical features, etc.

Parking App

Unlike the previous type. A parking app can be made for multiple parking lots nationwide or worldwide. It would help if you competed with such apps, which are more popular and widespread.

ParkTime App

Not all parking applications let users reserve a place. Users can pre-book parking in another city or country.

Important! You can create more than one type. We strongly advise creating a parking app with booking and payment functionality. It will be too basic and uncompetitive.

How To Create A Parking App: Things To Think About

Step-by-step parking app creation is the guide’s main topic. Pay attention to this part for parking mobile app development steps. Our sales team is available for queries.

Business Plan

Business models were covered above. Besides business models, you must write a business strategy listing the most important factors. That is, write down the project budget, target audience, location, revenue methods, business name, threats, and hazards.

Examine Rivals

This stage helps construct a company plan. Analyze existing apps, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and plan your development. It will help you stand out and provide trustworthy solutions to prospective consumers.

Establish Legal Entity

Create a legitimate corporation to establish a parking lot and app. An LLC (limited liability corporation) is excellent since it protects your business and fulfills personal liability in the event of a lawsuit.

Find Parking

Creating a parking lot requires finding a functional space. Contact a reputable real estate agency in your city to identify a location with business potential. Due to increased driving, sites near airports and train stations are always in demand.

Hire App Developers

Many app development companies are available worldwide, making a large range embarrassing. Eastern European development enterprises may offer high-quality services at low prices. Outsourcing software development is common.

Key Parking App Features

List the features your parking app needs. A minimally viable product always has basic capabilities, but they rely on the parking app requirements. MVP is important—see our article. The next part covers all parking app functions.

Remember UI/UX Design 

Parking apps are used quickly. Its user interface and experience must be well-designed. Parking app users rarely have time to figure out how it works. It should be basic, have huge text, large buttons, and a night mode to improve nighttime surfing develops parking apps, so send us a message, and we’ll discuss your project’s specifics.

Install Updates

Finally, update regularly. Updating it gives drivers accurate information. Developers should also resolve any bugs—even minor ones—immediately. Dissatisfied users and app failure will result.

Features of Parking Apps

Discuss parking app features. The parking app should have user and owner versions. We’ll discuss both alternatives.

User Panel Features

Registering and using the app requires credentials. Social sign-in is more prevalent today—users can enroll using their Facebook or Google accounts.

Geolocation. This tool lets drivers discover their car, find a nearby parking lot, and use GPS to estimate the distance.

Search. A search bar with filters lets drivers select a parking lot in a city or area that meets their needs (cashless payment, the number of open spots, etc.).

Time frame. To prolong the parking deadline, users should see how much time remains. This tool also predicts travel time from the driver’s location to the parking lot.

Booking. Users can reserve their parking spots. Pre-booking lets people reserve the best spot. An MVP may remove pre-booking.

Payment. As indicated, payment choices vary. Cashless and cash choices are better. Some parking lots offer QR codes for on-site payment. Provide Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal to reach more people.

History. Drivers can track their parking history, favorite sites, and charges. Drivers might return to a preferred area.

Rating/reviews. Users may observe if a parking spot is comfortable, unclean, etc., which is convenient. Thus, new drivers choose after reading reviews.

Features For Parking Owners

Parking lot owners, like users, can register on social media to manage their parking.

Parking management. The owner can add or subtract parking spots.

Price control. Parking owners might raise prices for popular spots. Longer parking times may cost less. Oversized car parking can be pricey.

Booking verification/management. Owners can track parking lot bookings. Owners may also reject/accept requests based on priority. Regular clients will be favored for parking.

Get paid. A parking owner can monitor, accept, and view payment history with an integrated payment gateway.

Reviews/ratings. This tool lets owners examine all comments and feedback to improve service.

Manage users. Owners can add/remove users, see their details, and improve customer experience.

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Parking App?

Finally, the conclusion is crucial for entrepreneurs since they must assess their budget and decide if the game is worth playing. Pricing vehicle parking app development takes a lot of work.

You know your needs come first. Feature count, business model, UI/UX design, mobile platforms (Android, iOS, or both).

Second, costs vary by region. Western Europe charges $75 to $100 per hour, whereas North America charges $100. Eastern Europe charges $25–$50, depending on conditions.

Your parking app may cost $10,000 or $50,000, and its starting cost cannot be forecast. After discussing your needs, we’ll supply specific statistics and developers to construct a parking app. We’ll help!

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