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Mobile Marketing- Tips to Drive More Traffic and Sales


Mobile phones are a common source to access the web in this modern world. Also, a big number of consumers willing to share their personal details and information with brands and businesses in exchange for discount coupons and vouchers. It could be a great opportunity for small businesses and brands to reach their target audience right on their mobile phones via a variety of mobile marketing techniques. However, navigating mobile marketing effectively can be hard for small businesses as they must avoid sending mobile users annoying promotions and texts.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is all about adapting your marketing tactics to reach consumers who are interacting with your business or brand by using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Basically, it is an omnichannel, digital marketing strategy aimed at reaching target customers on their mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, via mobile-friendly websites, emails, SMS and social media, and mobile apps, etc. Mobile marketing has opened up a totally new way for business owners and marketers to target, reach, and engage customers who often buy stuff online by using their mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing is Constantly Evolving

Going mobile has the power to transform the scope and success of any business apart from its nature and type. As smartphones have become the main and most common communication and information source for people around the globe, developing a foolproof mobile marketing strategy can help you drive more traffic and sales. And if your customers are unable to interact with your brand effectively on their mobile devices, you will be losing a golden opportunity of generating more revenues.

Mobile Marketing Tips to Drive More Traffic and Sales

If you are selling online and your internet marketing strategy needs some changes to reach mobile users effectively, here I have mentioned top mobile marketing tips to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Mobile Marketing Tip #1: Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

When you are working on your mobile marketing strategy to drive more traffic, it is imperative to make your website mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you will be getting more mobile traffic but lose them immediately when they will find your website hard to browse and navigate on their devices. If you are not sure what should be done to make your website mobile-friendly, conduct a mobile-friendliness test for your website and find out the areas that can be improved.  

Mobile Marketing Tip #2: Optimize for Speed

Mobile shoppers are very picky when it comes to their experience with a business or brand via mobile browsing. Almost 40% of online buyers leave a website when it takes more than 3 seconds to load. That is the reason, you need to make your website super-fast especially on mobile devices. Google’s Page Speed Insights is the best place to check your website for speed and to learn how you can make it fast loading. It provides you with a few analytical points on how to fix slower pages for speed.

Mobile Marketing Tip #3: Optimize User Interface (UI) for mobile Users

Mobile marketing is totally different from desktop marketing. As the screens of mobile devices are smaller, you should provide your mobile audience with an excellent UI. You can do it by making text fields, buttons, fonts, and forms larger. Make sure the content of your website is visually appealing when accessed from a mobile device. Properly placed visuals, larger buttons, and easy to read text helps you improve user experience across different mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing Tip #4: Focus More on Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is rising. Most of the mobile users tend to search via voice when they are on the go. As SEO is the most important aspect of ranking your business higher in search results, you should use long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy to appear in more local searches conducted via voice input. When people are not using their keyboards for search, they are freer in the word choices and usually search via lengthy terms and keywords. So, try to use more long-tail and local-centered keywords to get the most out of their mobile marketing efforts.

Mobile Marketing Tip #5: Promote your Brand Via Text Messages

Text messages are opened with an increased percentage than promotional emails. If you have exciting offers and deals for your local customers, try to promote them via text messages and use shortened landing page links to drive more mobile traffic. However, you should send your customers exclusive and personalized deals to engage them in the best possible way.

Mobile Marketing Tip #6: Use more Videos in Your Content Marketing Tactics

Mobile users are more likely to watch a short and interesting video instead of going through a large wall of text. People using their mobile devices love videos and use of interesting and appealing video content can amazingly boost mobile marketing outcomes. Moreover, you can easily share and promote your videos on different social media sites to drive more traffic.

Ahmad Sultan
Ahmad Sultan
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