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How to Travel Safely and Legally with Marijuana


It is possible to travel with marijuana. Most weed lovers or medical marijuana patients don’t think they can travel with cannabis. That’s not always the case.

As long as you know the rules, it is possible to travel with marijuana. However, these rules are not so easy to follow. It’s up to you to know them.

Here are some tips on traveling with cannabis.

1 Proper Storage

First of all, packing weed isn’t like packing your toothbrush.

Marijuana needs to be treated like a delicate product. It can go bad, and it can be damaged. You need to have the proper container for transportation.

You will need an airtight, well-sealed container.

Tin cans or tea boxes are an ideal place to store your weed. Only open the container when you have to so that you avoid extra oxygen coming in.

It’s best to keep cannabis away from sunlight, too. Ideally, you should be storing marijuana in a cool environment.

Think of cannabis the same way you would a fine wine or olive oil. You would be careful when transporting them. The same goes for weed.

After all, your cannabis probably wasn’t cheap. It would be a shame if it went to waste. It would also be a shame if it spilled.

Make sure your container won’t leak or break during transport.

Know the Rules

If you don’t follow the rules, that’s on you.

Veriheal has a good overview on the regulations surrounding marijuana transport. Be familiar with them before you head out on your trip.

Many customs officials and law enforcement officers might not be familiar with the rules. It’s not a bad idea to have the laws printed out in case you need to defend yourself.

Traveling within the US is different from international travel.

Cannabis is illegal in many countries. In very strict places, you might even end up in jail. That’s something you want to avoid at all costs.

If you’re driving, you probably won’t encounter any problems. Flying is more complicated. You will need to have your paperwork ready.

When flying, it’s usually only legal to transport medical marijuana.
In fact, this is the case for driving across state lines as well. However, if you live close to a state border and frequently commute, this can get complicated.

If you are driving across multiple state lines you need to be careful.

Proper Identification

You should always have an ID with you while traveling.

In addition to your driver’s license or passport, carry your medical marijuana card. Have as much documentation with you as possible.

To be extra careful, carry copies of everything with you.

It’s always best to have a hard copy as well as an electronic version.

You never know when you might lose something or when your phone will run out of battery. Keep a spare copy in your glove compartment. Make sure your paperwork is up to date.

Keep information about the product on hand as well.

Pack Well

Good packing is the key to success for any trip.

This goes beyond having the right container for your marijuana. You need to be able to access it quickly if you are asked to present it.

Having a good bag makes this easier. Here is a list of the best bags for business travel from the Broke Backpacker. There are lots of reasons you could be traveling with cannabis for a work trip.

If you work in the cannabis industry, you might have to travel with marijuana.

Medical marijuana patients might need to take their prescription on a trip. Whatever the reason is, you need to be prepared and make sure you won’t lose your weed.

It won’t be easy to get back.

Consume Responsibly

Consumption laws differ from state to state.

In some countries, consuming marijuana might be illegal.

You should make sure to follow the rules of your destination. It’s the only way for marijuana to be taken seriously as a form of medication.

Most governments and officials still regard marijuana as a recreational drug that is dangerous. It is up to cannabis consumers to change that reputation.

Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do at home.


It is possible to travel with marijuana. Hopefully, as legislation changes, it will become easier.

Noman Sarwar
Noman Sarwar
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