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How to Find the Right iOS App Development Company in India?


India is one of the fast-growing app markets across the world. According to a survey conducted by, India is the second-largest market for app downloads.

Of all the apps downloaded, gaming apps dominated the numbers. These apps were responsible for approximately $116 billion in revenue for a single year in 2021 alone. Apart from gaming app solutions, payment applications have also grown tremendously in the past two years.

The growth of app customers (paid and non-paying) is also steadily increasing in the Indian markets.

The State of iOS App Development

With the evolving nature of app markets and the growing number of consumers, more businesses are ready to join the needs of their apps. However, it is essential to answer the quintessential question of which operating system to consider when developing a business app?

iOS and Android enjoy a steady rate of growth. However, due to the high cost and fewer devices, iOS owns a smaller market share than Android.

Despite this fact, most businesses release their first app solution for iOS. The operating system offers a controlled environment that ranks high among the different reasons. You have equal control over the operating system’s hardware and software. However, that is not the case with Android. You have many devices, fragmentation through the operating system, and a range of screen sizes and resolutions, which leaves limited control in your hand.

Despite the growing number of Android consumers, businesses hire dedicated iOS developers to launch their apps on the Apple store.

This is also one of the primary reasons why most app developers/development companies have affordable and reliable services. Most agencies or developers offer dedicated iOS solutions to stand out amidst the competition.

As a business owner, the second question you ought to ask yourself is whether to develop the application in-house or outsource it.

In-house or Outsource: The million-dollar question

Say you are a company offering predictive analytics to retail businesses. You have studied how retail companies work, the kind of tools they require, and what portion of insights they can handle.

You need a customer-centric app that can help them with the insights and details. You have two choices- start developing the application in-house or outsource it to someone or an agency.

Let’s take a look at things when you decide to go in-house

  1. You need to hire a team that can help with ideation, business development, strategy, design, development, testing, and application marketing. Phew! Did that get you all worked up? Imagine the level of hiring you need to go with to get this team set up.
  2. It is not just the efforts that go into hiring but also the costs associated with the process. To hire a single person, you need to go through several sessions, take an interview, provide them with a test, check it, and then assess their capabilities. It takes time away from your growth efforts, which eventually put you in a spot. You are neither focused on growth nor hiring.
  3. What if you end up hiring the wrong team, one that isn’t passionate or interested? That can take away a lot of your costs and even profits. Remember, you are just setting up the team; we aren’t even talking about the infrastructure and tools required.
  4. When it is to iOS development, the infrastructure cost goes slightly higher than Android. The tools are expensive, and so are the machines and devices you need for testing purposes.
  5. Setting up the whole structure to get started with internal development and ensuring the right quality can take a lot of time. this can reduce your time-to-market, even if you have the best team backing you

It will mean you will either need to compromise on quality or speed, as getting the business out to the market with the right strategy and solution can take a lot of time.

Top Advantages of Outsourcing iOS Development to India

There are obvious advantages associated with outsourcing, as it helps manage your GTM (go-to-market) efficiently and ensures a quicker turnaround time. When choosing the right market for outsourcing, businesses often zero in on India. Here are the top advantages you get by outsourcing to agencies and technology partners in India.

1.      Low-cost Development

The graph below shows the hourly rates for software development by continent, as per the survey conducted by DAXX.

The hourly rates are very low in Asia. India and China are the tech hubs for the Asian markets; India is very popular with businesses abroad concerning outsourcing mobile app development.

When you compare the rates with countries like the USA, you will notice that the rates are three times less with precisely the same level of competency and quality.

2.      Extensive Pool of Resources

It is not just the affordability but also the availability of resources that makes India a lucrative market for outsourcing. According to Github statistics, there are approximately 5.8 million developers in India. This accounts for 30% of the total developers in the world. This massive pool can help you deliver the apt solution to the market within the said timeline, giving you a competitive edge.

3.      The Requisite Skillsets

When developing an iOS mobile app solution for your business, you also need the requisite skills. For example, in the case of predictive analytics, you will need developers with ML and AI skillsets to deliver a suitable solution.
When you hire these resources in-house, you will need to invest in updating your team and indulge in the said costs. However, the development agency or group will have skilled resources to manage the development.

It would help if you had to pay for the services and resource costs while adding the skills to the team.

4.      Different Timezones

This is an advantage when you outsource mobile app development to India; you can work in asynchronous mode. You can provide the issues or mistakes rectified before you join work the next day. As a result, you get to maintain the timelines and increase development speed.

If you work in the same timezone, the debugging and solutions get carried over to the next working day.

5.      Flexible Models

You get to choose the most suitable flexible engagement models for hiring developers. You can choose to have a dedicated team for your project or hire a single developer if that fulfills your requirement. You can even choose to create your team with the available resources.

How to Find the Right iOS App Development Company in India?

Finding the right development partner to support your goals and deliveries is critical. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing your tech partner agency.

1.      Expertise in the Niche

In the above example, where you delivered a solution for the retail niche, you needed developers with expertise in the domain. Similarly, if you belong to the Finance niche, you want someone with an apt understanding of the industry.

Look for someone who has worked in your domain, understands your industry, and can help you think of capable solutions. Check out if they have developed industry-specific solutions in the past.

2.      Check for Culture-fit

In most cases, organizations believe that culture fit with the offshore development company isn’t a necessary check. However, with time most companies have grown to value it. If they don’t fit into your vision or cannot visualize your goals, you should hire a different company.

3.      Determine the Budget

When you are determining the scope of work with your iOS app development company, you should also connect with them over the budget. Before you connect with the offshore development company, identify the scope and know the total budget you can spend and the timelines. It will help you determine the right partner.

4.      Beyond Development

Your partner should not be restricted to helping you with development alone. They should be your support, upgrade, and maintenance partners too. They should be your go-to space whenever there is an issue, or you need to develop new features. They should keep checking for the latest updates and help you reimagine the new system according to upcoming trends.

5.      Reputation in the Market

When you plan to partner with an iOS app development company, you should check for their reputation in the market. Seek an understanding from their past customers and prospects of how they dealt with the project. Get answers to the following questions:

  • Were they able to meet the timelines?
  • Did they communicate in case of any issues?
  • How did they manage to identify problems and bring solutions to the table?
  • If a particular business didn’t hire them, ask the reason for the same.

These answers will help know if the development company has a good reputation and can deliver results.

6.      Strong Technical Foundation

They are iOS development partners, which is why you need to check their understanding of the technology. Do they have a strong sense of the framework?

Can they deliver said solutions using the right tools and technologies? Do they have an understanding of the current trends?

7.      Process Management Techniques

How do they manage the development processes? Do they have a development methodology? Do they use agile methods? The overall development process is essential for managing timelines and budgets. It is necessary to connect with the partner company to understand how they work and plan to deliver things on time.

Top iOS Development Companies in India

  1. Expert App Devs: identified as a top-notch custom app development company, Expert App Devs provides solutions in sync with the customer’s business model. They work on a range of technologies, including Flutter, React Native, and Ionic, to offer best-in-class app solutions. Their customers include Nestle, ABB, and GEA

  2. Zensar Technologies: Founded in 1991, they are one of the prominent companies in iOS app solutions. Apart from mobile app development, the company has set its foot in chatbot development, web development, and UI/UX development. The clientele includes Century Fox, National Geography, and other major brands.
  3. Fueled: This is an award-winning software development company that offers iOS app development, AR/VR development, and Blockchain solutions, among other services. This company provides solutions for startups as well as enterprises. 9Gag and Harvard are their top customers.
  4. Prismetric: One of the prominent offshore app development companies, Prismetric provides high-class mobile and web development solutions. They are renowned for iOS app solutions owing to their scalable solutions and on-time deliveries. They have redefined the startup space with capable services.
  5. Appinventiv: Having delivered over 1000+ product app solutions for a range of customers, including JobGeet, KFC, and Asian Bank, this mobile app development company ranks at the top for offering capable iOS solutions. They are exclusive AWS and SAP partners. They are ranked well by Clutch and CIOReview, too, for providing capable solutions.


If you want to increase visibility for your business and maximize reach, you should think mobile-first. This is the most consumed platform by your customers and helps you reach your customers where they are.

Going iOS-first can help you improve security, enhance capabilities and gain more control over your mobile app solutions. Businesses need to hire the best iOS app development company to handle the development and deliver a capable solution.

Outsourcing is the best way to keep your focus on growth while enabling a highly efficient solution for your business. You can partner with the right company by checking the boxes on the tips shared, including checking for reputation and understanding their expertise.

With their expertise and experience, Expert App Devs can collaborate with startups and enterprises to offer custom app development solutions. You can connect with our team with your requirements and scope. Our iOS developers will contact you with the right answers and apt services.

Jignen Pandya
Jignen Pandya
Jignen Pandya has been working with Expert App Devs an India-based professional mobile app development company. Expert App Devs provide end-to-end mobile and IoT solutions as per the client’s business requirements.



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