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Ecommerce SEO Tips: How to Increase Traffic to Your Online Store


Running an eCommerce website is not as simple as we think. There are so many aspects you need to care for when running an online store and getting huge organic traffic is one of them.

Organic traffic is the users landing on your eCommerce website from search engines. But the problem is that securing a prominent place in top search engine result pages is tough and needs a lot of work, dedication and patience. It is when eCommerce SEO comes in handy and helps you rank higher in SERPs.

What is Ecommerce SEO?

Ecommerce SEO is a process of optimizing an eCommerce website or online store for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. so it appears in more search results for focus keywords and ranks higher in search results. Ecommerce SEO involves numerous tactics to improve the performance of a business in search engines. eCommerce SEO tactics usually include keyword research, user-friendly web design, creating informative and keyword-rich content, optimizing URLs, and much more.

Why SEO is Important for your Ecommerce Store?

When you are selling products or services online, your store or website needs to be found by potential customers or clients. This means it must appear on the top of the first pages of the search engines like Google or Bing. Having awesome products but not reaching your target audience would be the real tragedy.

This is where implementing top eCommerce SEO tips for your business comes into play. You can get help from an efficient digital marketing agency and find the right ideas for your business. Search engine optimizations help your business ranks higher in search engines for specific keywords your potential customers might be searching for. It makes your website visible and easily accessible to your target customers. The more organic (search engine) traffic you will get, the more you can convert.

Ecommerce SEO Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Online Store

In this post, I have mentioned some top eCommerce SEO tips to help you rank your online store higher in SERPs.

Ecommerce SEO Tip #1: Do Your Keyword Research

Finding the right and best performing keywords is the very first and foremost step of every successful SEO campaign. So, take your time to do in-depth keyword research to find the keywords that are relevant to your niche and easy to rank as well. Try to use long-tail keywords in your SEO strategy as they can help you rank higher to drive more organic traffic. Those keywords can successfully attract users that you can easily convert into customers. If you are unable to do keyword research yourself, you can hire reliable Ecommerce SEO services London to get it done by experts.

Ecommerce SEO Tip #2 Create Awesome and Informative Content

Creating quality and informative content in an evergreen marketing strategy. search engines want to show their users content that is of high quality, informative, and problem-solving. That’s why you should be creating high-quality and relevant content to resolve the problems of your customers. Sharing awesome and fresh ideas with your audience is a great way to boost your content marketing efforts. along with creating fresh content, you should also analyze your old content and repurpose it for your audience to keep them engaged.

Ecommerce SEO Tip #3 Write Compelling Product Descriptions

Writing catchy and convincing product descriptions is one of the best eCommerce SEO tips that can boost your conversion rate amazingly. Avoid using outdated and manufacturer’s product descriptions and describe your products in your own simple words. Make them unique, compelling and informative by using relevant keywords so they can convince potential customers effectively along with making your eCommerce website search engine friendly.

Ecommerce SEO Tip #4 Allow Customer Reviews

In this modern business landscape, online reviews can boost conversion rates on your product pages. According to experts, more than 90% of consumers are likely to make buying decisions based on customer reviews and feedback. Customer reviews are a trust indicator and help potential customers make informed decisions. That’s why encourage your customers to speak their minds after completing a purchase transaction and make those reviews visible to new customers. Search engines are also likely to rank products higher that have more reviews. As a result, it helps with eCommerce SEO to drive more organic traffic.

SEO tips for e-commerce websites

Ecommerce SEO Tip #5 Use High Quality and Optimized Product Images

When buying online, customers cannot touch or feel your products. But high-quality images can help them see how exactly your product looks like. So, always try to use high quality, unique, and properly optimized images on your eCommerce website.  Compress your product images for size, rename with target keywords before uploading, use image alt tags, and add unique image description to make them appear on top search engine result pages. Properly optimized images are more likely to rank in Google images to help you get more traffic.

Ecommerce SEO Tip #6 Optimize your E-commerce website for Speed

Page loading speed is one of the top Google’s ranking factors as it contributes a lot in providing your users with an excellent experience. If your web pages take a lot of time to load, potential customers will leave your site even before seeing your products. Your business needs to convert more to survive. So, make your site load faster across different devices to keep users engaged and stay longer on your site. You can check your site for speed by using free tools like Page Speed Insights so you will be able to make necessary optimization and changes.

Ecommerce SEO Tip #7 Improve Usability

An excellent browsing experience can impress your visitors greatly. That is the reason, you should make navigation of your eCommerce site easier so your customers can find effortlessly what exactly they need. Offer them with clearer navigation path and make sure to link to your product pages from the home page. Smart interlinking also makes navigation easier and keeps visitors on the site for longer.

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