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Complete Guide to Download FB Videos, Reels, and Statuses within Seconds


Facebook is home to tons of media content. In the past, Facebook was only used for connecting with people around the world. Not so long before, Facebook was only used for the purpose of chatting and poking friends. 

But today, this platform has changed and become much more interactive today. Today this social media platform has become a place for marketing, short-form multimedia content, and much more. 

You can find more than thousands of videos published on Facebook related to various niches and topics. You can follow pages that post videos and short clips that are of your interest. 

Now watching multimedia content on Facebook is no biggie, but it can be difficult for a user to save videos from FB.

Is it Possible to Save Videos from Facebook?

Not so long before, users saved Facebook video content by recording screens on their devices with third-party apps. Downloading videos from social media platforms is difficult because of all restrictions set by these platforms as well as by copyright holders of the content.

Today it has become possible to download videos and stories from Facebook with the help of modern tech and tools.

Before we tell you about the best way to download FB videos, reels, and stories, we would like you to understand that you must never use downloaded content from Facebook for commercial purposes. 

This is because you can be held accountable for the breach of copyright of the owner of the video. If you want to save multimedia content from FB, then you need to restrict it to personal use only.

In this guidepost, we are going to discuss some of the easiest and tested ways to save FB videos and reels without any hassle. Read about these ways and start saving your favorite clips from your desired pages without asking the owner.

Top Ways to Save Videos, Reels, And Stories from Facebook Like a Pro!

The easiest ways have been discussed below for your knowledge:

1. Download Facebook Videos with Online Tools

The first tried and tested way to download Facebook videos and reels is by using online tools. Using FB video downloader is the most popular method which is being used for saving multimedia content from Facebook on both small screen and big screen devices. 

Online Facebook downloader tools are based online. They can be used on browsers on any device. You just need an internet connection and a credible browser to download videos from Facebook. 

The FB video downloader tools are absolutely free to use, which is a big advantage they have over other methods.

If you are wondering how online FB downloaders work, then know that they are quite simple in their work. All you have to do is open the tool on your browser and enter the link of the video, reel, or story that you want to save in the input bar.

Every video, reel, or story published on Facebook would have a three dots option on the corner. You can obtain their URL from that list, or you can simply right-click on the video and copy its address. After getting the address, you need to paste the link.

Press the download button on the tool after providing the link to the content. The video would be saved on your device in less than ten to twenty seconds, depending on your web connection.

We would suggest you use the best FB downloader tool because they are free, easy to use, reliable, provide multiple quality selection features, and have no limitations. 

It is fast and free online tool. You can download videos within a few seconds and download hundreds of clips from FB if you want to.

2. Download Facebook Videos with Desktop Applications

Another popular and tested way to save videos from Facebook is with the help of a desktop app. There are many third-party applications that can be installed on desktops and laptop devices. One of the most popular choices you have these days is the 4K video downloader. 

Facebook downloader applications are usually available with premium versions. These apps are quite reliable when it comes to saving lengthy videos, short reels, and stories from social media platforms. 

To download videos from FB, you need to make sure that you have a strong web connection. The FB downloader apps do not work without a strong web connection, so you have to make sure that you check your internet connection before trying to save a clip. 

On the downloader apps, you are going to find input options in which you have to enter the link of the content you want to save. You can copy the link address of videos and reels from their source. Paste the links in the input box and click on the download button.

The app would find the video/reels from its source and would save it on your device in your desired quality and format. This is an easy and foolproof method that allows you to download even copyright-protected videos. 

The only con of these apps is that you need to get the paid plan when the free trial expires.

3. Download Facebook Videos with Mobile Apps

It is true that you can use online Facebook video downloader tools on your mobile, but you must know that it would be best to get an app if you specifically want to save short reels. Reels on Facebook specifically work on small-screen devices like mobiles and tablets.

If you want to save videos or reels from Facebook on your mobile, then we would suggest you install a free Facebook video downloader application. You can find hundreds of downloaders for Facebook reel apps on Google Play and the App store.

You have to go through the top choices and install the one which is free and has good reviews. The working procedure of the Facebook reels downloader app is quite simple. 

You have to paste the URL of the video link on the empty bar of the app. Some apps would automatically detect the link copied in your clipboard.

Once the app gets the link, it will get the clip from its source and offer you different quality options in which you can save the video. The app takes a few seconds to save the video in your local storage.

How to Download Your Own Videos and Reels from Facebook?

The methods we have explained above can help you save videos published by other people and also your own. But there is one other method in which you don’t have to take help from any third-party app or tool to save your own clips or reels.

On the Facebook app, you can see the menu tab in the top right corner of the app. The three lines icon is the menu tab. From the menu, you are going to find the reels and video icons. Click on the icon and select it, and all the clips you have uploaded will appear before you.

You need to click on the three dots that appear at the bottom of the screen on every clip. In these options, you can find ‘save video/reel to phone.’ You can locate the videos saved in your local drive. 

End Words

In this brief post, we have discussed the most common and popular ways that you can use to download videos from Facebook. Facebook doesn’t allow you to download clips or reels because of certain restrictions. So you need to take help from third-party tools. 

If you can afford paid options, then you should go for premium Facebook apps for desktops or mobiles. Premium applications can save all kinds of clips no matter what their length is in your desired quality.

But if you are looking for a free option, then you should go for online Facebook video downloader tools. 

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Meta Description: In this brief post we would show you the best ways to save video clips from Facebook in your desired quality. Use an online FB downloader tool to save reels, stories and clips for free.

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