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Digital Marketing Jobs- How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing


As more and more brands turn online to get found on the internet and generate more sales, digital marketing jobs are growing day by day. Internet marketing is an evolving and fast-paced industry with so many opportunities to make money and a successful career. If you are also thinking about getting into the world of digital marketing, it is the right time to get started.

The best thing about this growing industry is that there is no traditional degree required to get started, but some basic know-how and training can help to get your foot in the door and flourish effectively. However, there are a lot of online marketing courses that can help you stand out among other digital marketing professionals. You can also find marketing jobs on sites like Career Terms online to pursue a career in digital marketing.

5 Hottest Digital Marketing Jobs

To help you get started with this booming industry, here we have compiled a list of top digital marketing jobs so you can choose the right one.

1- Content Manager & Strategist

A content manager is a professional who is responsible for developing foolproof social media strategies, managing a team of content creators, creating content calendars, creating interesting and engaging video content, etc. Moreover, content managers also create reports and also take care of other content-related activities.

2- SEO/SEM Specialists

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are major digital marketing techniques used by businesses to build and boost online presence. Anyone with solid technical knowledge of search engines who can combine basic SEO and SEM expertise to help a business rank higher in search engines is known as SEO/SEM expert. SEO specialists are the highest earners in the field of digital marketing. It is one of the most demanded digital marketing jobs these days.

3- Email Marketing Specialist

Email marketing is one of the best and lead generating digital marketing techniques. Individuals who are capable of creating engaging and targeted email campaigns are email marketing specialist. They can create better email marketing campaigns, segment email lists, create engaging & convincing copies, and put whole email marketing on autopilot.

4- Digital Marketing Managers & Directors

Digital marketing managers and directors are professionals who have a solid grip on everything related to online marketing. They are well versed in developing and implementing strategic digital marketing campaigns to help brands stand out in this competitive landscape.

5- Data Analysts & AI Specialists

As businesses are generating more and more data every day, they are using technologies like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to make better use of data to make informed decisions. Data analysts and AI specialists are professionals who create systems and tools to analyze data in such a way that it can be used to develop better and result-driven digital marketing strategies.

Effective Ways to Get Hired for Top Digital Marketing Jobs

As there are more career development opportunities in digital marketing than ever before, getting started with it may take a lot of time and effort as well. To help you in this regard, below are some ways you can apply and get hired for one of your favorite digital marketing jobs to make a handsome amount of bucks every month.

Learn and Get Confident in Your Digital Marketing Skills

When you are about to kick start your career as a digital marketing professional, you may look around and find people with more experience and skills than you. Don’t just fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. Start with skills you can do better and realize there are a lot of opportunities you can hunt later on. So, get confident in your digital marketing skills and keep improving to stay on top of the latest trends. Also, focus more on your personality development and communication skills to stand out among peers.

Choose your Digital Marketing Career Path

Right after deciding to start your career in the digital marketing industry, you need to figure out what exactly you want out of your digital marketing career. You can ask yourself questions like what can I do better, am I better at working alone or collaborate with a team of professionals, what skills I currently have and how can I hone my skills, etc. As it is mentioned above that there are so many digital marketing jobs you can apply for, you should choose the right one according to the skills and expertise you own.

Create a Winning Digital Marketing Resume

A properly created and detailed resume is a self-marketing tool that can help you a lot to get hired for a digital marketing position you are interested in. Create are dynamic resume to show your potential employer that how valuable your digital marketing expertise are. If you are unable to create a resume from scratch, try to find an editable resume template and put all your details accordingly. You can also check various digital marketing resume examples to get creative ideas.

Build your Network Online

In this digital world, it is more important than ever to get your name out there over the web especially when you are about to start a career as an online marketing professional. It will help you build strong connections with like-minded people that can help you in several areas throughout your career-building journey. To do this, create profiles on social media sites, join online communities of like-minded peoples, build an online portfolio, and start connecting with different professionals associated with a digital marketing agency. You can also learn a lot from your connections to hone your internet marketing skills or land your favorite job to get started productively.

Get Trusted Online Marketing Certification

You can get into the digital marketing industry without an educational degree, but most of the people hired for the top positions are professionals with trusted certifications in digital marketing. There are a lot of online marketing institutes you can join to apply for specific certifications and get prepared for the exams. Some social media sites also allow their users to take a variety of digital marketing tests to earn specific certificates. LinkedIn is a live example of this.

Be Prepared for Entry-Level Jobs

Successful people always start small. So, always be prepared for entry-level jobs in the digital marketing industry. At the start, you may not land the position you want right away but you will surely get there if you will keep working for it. Don’t hesitate if you are appointed as a junior digital marketer. Accept the job, work honestly, and prove yourself to take on more responsibilities. Sooner or later, you will definitely get hired fo

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