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5 Best Instagram Viewers to Browse Insta Anonymously


The Instagram viewer is an app that enables us to watch Instagram stories anonymously and also gives us the advantage of searching the profiles and downloading some content from them. Generally, the main purpose of Instagram viewers is to spy on people and especially on children to watch their stories anonymously to spy them. Usually, Instagram viewers’ apps are API based and are not certified by Instagram officially.

Today’s blog post is about the top 5 best Instagram viewer apps that enable people to browse Instagram anonymously. Here is the list of the top 5 Instagram viewer apps.

  1. Stories down viewer
  2. Qoob Stories
  3. Instagram stalker
  4. Glass gram
  5. Picuki

Stories down

Stories down is the number 1 ranking app and website in today’s article. It is at the first number because of its UI (user interface). Its user interface is really friendly and it is very easy to use. It enables users to spy on someone and watch Instagram stories anonymously. It also helps in downloading stories and profile pictures.

Due to its accuracy, it is at the first number. You can use it for spying on your children by watching their stories anonymously. It helps to keep an eye on one’s children and what they are actually doing on Instagram. You can also search the trending hashtags on this web. All trending hashtags can be searched on this web.

The main feature of the stories down viewers is that it enables the public to read and get information from their blogs. The blogs are actually about Instagram topics. The blogs available on stories down viewer are about Instagram marketing, guides on how to repost a video, how to recover an Instagram account, get Instagram followers, beginners guide, and at last but not least how to get your Instagram account viral and verified.

In short, stories down viewer is a reliable app or web to browse. It may fulfill your needs or tasks you want to do.

Qoob Stories

Ranking number two in our today’s article is Qoob stories. It is also a very reliable story viewer app and its UI(user’s interface) is quite impressive than Stories down viewer. But the reason for its ranking two is limited. If you want to get full access to this app or web you have to purchase its full version. It enables the users to watch stories anonymously, download the stories’ content, and automatically download the fresh content. 

If you scroll down this website, you will see a very good animation which is quite impressive. As explained above its user interface is very impressive than Instagram stories down viewer. As they claim that it is a strong Instagram viewer it true so far. It is also available on windows, android, and apple. Which makes the users use it easily. 

The main thing which takes Qoob stories at rank 2 is its bugs. According to their allegation, they allow the users to see the hidden content behind the private accounts but it is not true.  Besides this, it is a reliable app to use to watch stories anonymously and download mass from accounts. 

As shown in the picture all types of hashtags, users, locations, and users can be searched without creating a single Instagram account. If we talk about blogs luckily all kinds of blogs are available on Qoob stories where you can get information on different Instagram topics. Not only Instagram topics the blogs on Tiktok are also available on Qoob stories. 

In the above picture, we can see the list of blogs available on Qoob stories. If you ever used Pictame Instagram viewer, you may know Qoob is very similar to it in terms of features.


Ranking number three is the Instagram stalker. It enables users to watch Instagram stories anonymously and download all the stories’ content without any interruptions. But the fact is this the user’s interface is not very good. It is like the old style and some users may not like this. But the fact is it is hundred percent free and easy to use. 

The main feature of this is that it is totally secure and very easy to use. The negative thing is that it doesn’t have any informational blogs about Instagram or other social media sites. The highlighting feature of this app is that it gives users different types of tools for different types of analysis such as hashtag generators, hashtag trends, profile analyzers, downloaders, and many more.

All types of useful tools are available here from which users can take benefit. The bugs sometimes occur and this app stops working sometimes. Besides this, it is an average app to use.

Glass Gram

Now moving towards the number four ranking app named glass gram. If we talk about this app it comes with many features and content. The main thing is it is an app also available on all formats such as android, apple, and on windows. The user interface is very interesting and impressive. 

It is also limited to some extent for users who want to enjoy it for free. If you want to enjoy all the features of glass gram what you have to do is to purchase this app subscription. Otherwise, you can use it limited. It enables the users to watch the stories anonymously and download them without any interruptions. And target person cannot realize that you are watching his or her stories. It gives the users real-time updates. If we talk about the prices the prices are quite good and are not too expensive.

You can also watch the hidden stories anonymously and see the profiles which blocked you. And no one will realize what are u actually doing. It also provides users latest trending hashtags and trending people on Instagram. If you subscribe to their offer you can get some premium features that are mind-blowing and exclusive.

By subscribing to their plan you can see private accounts, video trackers, likes, and you can also track locations. And it is also compatible with android. In short, it is a reliable app to use. When you scroll down to their website they have also some of their really interesting customer reviews. And almost all of their customers are satisfied with them.


Now we are moving toward Picuki story viewer. It is also a good app to watch the stories anonymously. The user interface is quite good and easy to use. If we talk about downloading stories and other content on Instagram the bad thing is that they don’t allow the users to download any type of content and other mass from Instagram. 

The color combination of the interface is very good to see. The colors attract the eyes of the users. The design of the web is really simple and it is very easy to use. For using this you do not need to have any account or single signup or sign-in. Only what you have to do is to open this web and search profiles and watch their stories anonymously very easily. If we talk about the trending people and trending hashtags on Instagram all types of tags are also given on Picuki. The main thing about this app is it comes with an editor which enables the users to edit their photos freely.

As we can see that all trending people and trending tags are available on this web. And it is not an app it is only a web. The worst thing about this viewer app it is very limited. 


All five websites and apps are reliable on their side and all apps have some bugs and issues. All five apps are good at their stage. But the fact is this all the apps are API based and are not affiliated with Instagram officially. The main purpose of these apps is to spy on your kids to keep an eye on them and what they are doing on Instagram. 

Noman Sarwar
Noman Sarwar
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